Thursday, September 18, 2008

Valerie's ACC is back.

Valerie is an ACC/breast survivor I met online. She was diagnosed a little bit after I was and had a mastectomy with no other treatment. Just this last week she went to see her surgeon about a cyst on her back and he noticed two small lumps in an area above the mastectomy site. They were painful. Yup, her ACC is back. Her news sent me reeling into reality. This is cancer we are talking about and no matter what my attitude is, no matter what my tests reveal, etc., it still could come back. Valerie has had such great attitude--never once worried out loud to me anyway--and went about her life. She did go visit Dr. Helen Chew who is supposedly the ACC/breast guru on the West coast when she was first diagnosed. Dr. Chew said she was good to go.

The good news is the prelim MRI's are showing those two lumps only so I think it just means more surgery for her. I don't think she had reconstruction. Sigh. And I was feeling so good!

Going to run up to watch the love of my life coach. Such a good wife I am!



Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Valerie. Life is such a roller coaster ride. Tell your kids that they are welcome to come here and play ping pong any time their little hearts desire! My kids love to play too (although we are also drying out our basement).

Stephanie said...

Molly, so sorry to hear about our "sister". That is so scarry. How did you meet her? I would love to hear her story. No treatment for her? what did her doctors say? I am not sure if you got my email. My cancer doctor mentioned chemo. I thought our type does not respond to chemo? I am so confused. Can you refresh me as to what your doctor said. I need help.