Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am trying to keep up on blogging. It is my favorite thing to do but where is the time???

We are in the process of upgrading all our cell phones this week. Not an expense we can afford but my cell was missing, Josh's got wet in a hot tub, and Andrew's is older than the hills. Only my Nimmy declined a new one. Funnyhow simple things are fun. I have taken lots of pix using the camera--what I will do with them is another story.

Debbie F is getting her tissue expander placed in a few weeks. Wish her luck. It is nice having that behind me. On an interesting note, I think I have an air bubble in my implant. It feels like the size of a pea, but it is definitely there. I will have to ask Dr. Woody about it when I have pizza pocket sliced off.

We are in a quandary about going to the UP (fishing) this year. Baseball is causing the dilemma. Andrew has a big tournament before and during and after we are there, so we are trying to pick some days when he will miss the least games. Normally, I am ready to get the heck up there, but with summer, it's pretty relaxing HERE, so I don't really care when we go. I am leaving it up to Jim but have told him we are NOT going without Andrew. No way. Andrew really wants to go even though he says it is no big deal to stay home without us. HA!

Reading some Lisa Jackson murder novels these days. Goal is to get Pillars of the Earth done--but I am liking the trashy scary stuff these days.

Isn't the weather great? It could be a tad warmer I think but sleeping is great!

summer summer summer....


Monday, June 16, 2008


Wow, what a perfect day, weather wise. Unfortunately, I have had an upset stomach. I hate the feeling. Not sure if it is something I ate, or what.

Yesterday was my first day off that I didn't go to wrok. I did check my email and will try to stop by tomorrow. I have to drive to Adrian, Mi tomorrow to pick up Andrew to get him back to Lakeshore for a 5:30 baseball game. He is at basketball camp and Jim and I took him Sunday evening--got back at 1:00 in the a.m. Nothing like a lot of gas and time for a few games of basketball!

I made dinner tonight--I am trying Paula Dean's Chicken Georgia, which is just shallots, mushrooms, butter and mozzarella cheese over chicken. It smells amazing but mystomach isn't up to it. I also made long grain rice but haven't made the green beans yet--Jim is at practice and who knows when he will be home. And of course Josh won't eat anything much so it's just me looking at my wonderful plating of this great smelling dish.

If you read my comments, you see one from Teresa Hartman. I met her on line and she had ACC in her cheek and is a research librarian in the UK...she is wonderful and shows us the power of the internet.

I have had a few blue days about this cancer thing. While I used to obsess, now I am just fearful...waiting for that terrible symptom to show up. I do have to have a colonoscopy--not afraid of that for some reason--and I am also going back to see Dr. Nancy next week.

TTFN. Don't forget about me...!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

YUK. Colonoscopy here I come.

Met with the gastroenterologist awhile ago (and forget to write about is) and he highly recommends I get a colonoscopy now. With my mom's history, and my rareismyflippingmiddlename, he said "yes, and I will even write a letter to your insurance company if needed." So I guess that is ok. Better to find out if there is something there, right? I think I scheduled that for July29.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OOOOHHHHWHOOO--just crackin' up at my Peanut Butter Bizzard. Good thing I didn't type a "u" instead of the "i"

I crack myself up sometimes.

Summer and the livin' is easy.

For once in my life, I am sitting here with not much to say.

It is hot and humid in my house. The dog is asleep. Jim and Josh are on a DQ run and have learned that they are closed because of the death of the owner. So now they are heading to Indiana. Andrew and Kait are watching some old basketball game on TV. And here I am.

Mike I.! Carla B wanted to say hello! She has retired this year, along with Leon and Ken and Greg B. Not sure if you know all that but there are very few of us left--even though you haven't been gone all that long, it seems like its been years since the days of the lounge and laughing 'til we cried with Pyles, Carol T., etc. Good ol' days.

Andrew and Josh had a game tonight cancelled by the rain. Andrew is exhausted as he is trying to "train" for basketball, baseball, and football. He is very undecided about basketball and football for next year--mainly because he's just plain tired. With the increased emphasis on winning, it is very difficult to be a three sport athlete. There is no way in the world the kid could actually work a job....and he probably should since he is just a bit spoiled...but I think he would cry from exhaustion. We keep telling him to suck it up, he's only young once, but he continues to whine about it. We will see what he does...I don't really care, but it should would seem wierd not watching him on Friday nights.

We did celebrate the news yesterday that Andrew qualified for the Michigan Promise $4000 scholarship based on his state test scores. Now, mind you, we have kids do the same thing each year so it isn't all that hard, but HE is thrilled because he doesn't have to take any final exams next year. So that is nice.

Did I tell you poor Joshie got two "minuses" on his all A report card? Yup, 6 A's and two A-'s. Josh is such an easy student--I never have to even ask or review anything with him. Andrew had a great year for that too--but in the past, I was always looking over his shoulder making sure things were getting done. I am trying not to be the helicopter parent that I see so often and so far, they are doing quite well. I do still worry about the driving thing but at least his truck is big. : ) Josh does not drive much at all which is a really big mistake as he is scheduled to get his license in late summer.

Ah, the boys are back. Peanut Butter Cup bizzard here I come.


Sunday, June 1, 2008


June 1st--and summer feels like it is here. Nine days left of work. No getting kids up, no asking about homework, no worrying about cancer...uh, well no, but summer means a lot more relaxing!

I don't mind working these last few days--my colleagues are fun to work with and we go out for lunch. : ) I still glad I am not a full year employee--although right now I sure could use the extra $20, 000 or whatever it is. These next two weeks I will be getting ready for fall--cleaning out files, finishing scheduling, interviewing new teachers, making room assignment changes, those types of things. I also have my evaluation with my boss (the superintendent). He always asks us what our highlight of the year was...every year I have to think about it, and every year it is similar to the previous year. My highlights are never major, but are rather the little things that no one ever recognizes or necessarily knows about. One such highlight happened this year just after graduation had ended and I was watching the seniors get on the Project Graduation busses. A mom of a graduate came up to me and thanked me for helping her daughter graduate. Her daughter had stopped coming and I made phone call home to see if I could try to talk her into coming in at least for a meeting...she did, we talked, I encouraged, and she graduated. I did NOT do anything all that special, but just did what any one would do. So yup, she graduated. I am amazed with some students who give up with just weeks left to go. Anyway, that was minor but still made me happy. That is why we go into teaching, I think. The little things.

Yesterday I got attacked by allergies at our girl's softball games. I could not breathe all night. My eyes were watering, my nose running...arggh. But I took a Benadryl and woke up fine. Congrats to our girl's softball team for winning districts. They are ranked number 1 in the state and are on a roll. Also, the team that beat us in baseball also won districts which made us least we got beat by the best.

I am actually making dinner so must go.

Ah summer. Gotta love it.