Saturday, January 31, 2009

Status quo


I have a few minutes before Andrew's game against Penn High School. We have to transport kids because we have cut some Saturday sports bus runs in Niles to save money. Josh has gone skiing so it is just Jim and me--well, Andrew too, or course.

Andrew was not too thrilled with Albion. The visit itself was very nice and I loved the school and even the players who gave us a tour, but Andrew did not feel "wanted" like he did from the other three schools. Today he and I went to Olive Garden (we left a VERY grumpy Jim at home who was on a psycho-mom cleaning frenzy--he was freaking out because he found a plate under the couch) Ok, I regress. Anyway, Andrew kept asking me where I wanted him to go so we chatted about the pros and cons about both North Park and Olivet and I think, for now, he is settled on Olivet. So K-College and Albion are out for sure. Olivet is winning the race as they say. But I still want that overnight to North Park just in case. (I really just want an excuse to go to Chicago again

I did not call the doctor obviously. I really had a somewhat pain free week but today I can feel that burning feeling again. Last night I stayed home and fell asleep with a slight fever. That scared me. I do see Dr. Messenger on February 12 so I will make him make me call the doctor if things are still bad.

Andrew was chosen for the area's Sports Fest sponsored by the South Bend Tribune. He will be playing on the Michigan Football All-Star Team. He is pleased with that. He hopes to get picked for baseball too.

We are experiencing major data issues at school with our new student information system. For the most part, everything is accurate on the latest rounds of report cards for first semester, but it has to be 100 percent accurate as we base class rank and gpa's on these reports. I think I spent almost 100 percent of my work time crunching numbers last week. And the little percent that I wasn't doing that was spent counseling squabbling girls. Monday we should be all set to print report cards finally.

Next week is Winter Homecoming. Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Bad Tie Day, Wednesday is Fake Tattoo Day, Thursday is Class Villain Day, and Friday is Spirit Day. This year's theme is Villains--the seniors are doing The Wicked Witch, which is very appropriate since they all went to Wicked. (The vocal music department has also chosen a song from that musical that the seniors will sing at graduation)

I made a bet with the seniors that if I didn't have to suspend any of them over the course of this senior year, I would give them all a pizza party. Guess what? I haven't suspended any of them yet! They are a really great class.

Ok, gotta run! Game time.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a peek at Winter Formal

Andrew and Kait before Winter Formal. They are looking so old. I think Andrew's sweater in too big. Kait is darling, as always. As usual, I have no pictures of Josh but trust me when I say we was adorable and ooooooooooh so grown up. : (

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pathfinders Computer Repair--Niles

For those of you who live in Niles and ever have any computer problems, we have discovered a good place here that sure seems to know what they are doing. It is called Pathfinders and it's right on 11th street (out by Wendy's) and they have solved one very horrible problem for us (VIRUS!!!!) for $90 and then a simple problem that they didn't charge us. We are pretty good at using computers but not fixing them so we were very pleased to find them. I have no affiliations with them at all but when I find something I like, I think it is good to share the news!



Good morning. I really should be cleaning this house. It looks like a tornado has blown through. Our ping pong table has become a catch all of course and laundry, baseball equipment, chem binders, socks, dog, food, you name it is on it. ARGGH.

Yesterday I decided to call Dr. Ansari on Tuesday. I was in terrible pain and when I got home from the mall with Andrew it felt like I was barely able to breathe. Today, the underlying pain is still there so the phone call is still on, but I do feel a little better. There is a part of me that is hoping (because it is less serious) that my implant is causing all this and that I also have a cold at the same time. I am tired of thinking about it right now so we will change subjects.

The trip to the mall for tonight's Winter Formal was quite enjoyable with my oldest son. We never argued once, which is unusual. Olive Garden, our tradition, was packed, so we headed over to Famous Dave's and had some savory ribs and funny conversations. Then we went to the mall and looked everywhere BUT JC Penney's for dress shirts and ties and couldn't find what he/I wanted. So we ended up at JC Penney and spent $190 for both boys. OUCH. (I rationalized that by thinking of the girls who probably spent that on a dress.) Andrew ended up with his normal light blue sweater, cream dress shirt and a really cool tie, and I got Joshie a cream/light blue argyle sweater with a striped shirt so no need for a tie for him. They are both color coordinated and no one argued about it!!!! Andrew is going with Kait of course, but Josh is hanging with a group of people. Andrew's group is going to Villa Macri's for dinner, while Josh's gang is taking it more casual and is going to Texas Road House. Winter Formal is way less fancy than prom, thank goodness. My next goal is to talk Jim into going for a little while to check everyone out. Some of my ninth grade girls who I have grown very fond of have asked me to come and take pictures so I think I need to go. I do love seeing them all.

Might sneak out to the girls game soon. They are playing very early today so they have time to get ready for formal.

Extra prayers for me if you don't mind. Love to you all.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

WHOOSH. That was my week.

Wow, I am tired. I have sat in meetings almost all week and got very little energy from my students this week...listened to adults speak on a variety of things and while it was very, very good, I always miss the interaction with students as they are the reason for what I do.

Ignoring pains still.

This week has gone very quickly and tomorrow is Friday. The students started second semester. Andrew is taking an online class called The Mathematics of Baseball. How's that for an accelerated senior year? He really is interested in it so what the heck. He also has creative writing so I am glad as that should be a bit easier than his College Writing class. He did finally get his WalMart paper done, but we had so many technology problems with it that he finally claimed that the ghost of Sam Walton was cursing him. He should get an A in the class but who knows how he did on this last paper. But at least he knows how to cite sources and format a research paper.

We (Andrew and I) head to Albion on Monday--but we aren't all that enthused which is probably a good thing, since we can't be disappointed then. Andrew got a wonderful had written letter from the K-College coach--talking about how much they can't wait to see him in the orange and black uniform, etc. Andrew has basically eliminated them however, and is scared to talk to the coach because they have become buddies through the recruitment process. But he isn't talling anybody ANYTHING until he has to. Tonight he is up hitting for baseball and I can tell in his head he has moved on to that now. North Park has called nightly to see where he stands in the application process...we think he has everything in now. I was reading about D III recruitment and some sources were saying that it is an "exhaustive" process and that ain't no joke. Would be much easier to just say Hey, I am going to CMU! Another coach was telling Jim tonight that some D I and D II schools lose players to D III schools because they can offer so much more if the player is right. I sure hope that happens! : ) Andrew managed to pull out AP Psych with an "average" grade--otherwise he had a pretty decent report card--all A's and a B+ except for the "average" grade in AP. (I am not saying a C because I am praying that is what it is...he isn't sure!!!..EEEK!)
Anyway, Josh did well too. His Algebra II grade is his only B.

What else. I think Karen has surgery tomorrow. Lots of positive energy to you my dear! Cyndi, let me know your next steps. You are handling this all so well and before you know it you will have a nice rock boob like I did. (don't worry, squishy boob comes soon enough)

I am chilly willy right now so time to take a shower and go to bed. I haven't read in weeks--other than college catalogs!

Much love to all--I still need each and everyone of you. You are my very cheap therapy but worth a priceless amount!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Cyndi did not get clean margins. She now has to decide the whole reconstruction thing and what is next but the breast has to come off. Remember my days of getting the news of no clean margins? It just STINKS. I am praying for her right now...I just want to her to get the sense of peace that will come when she has a plan. When we were busy making appointments was the easy time for me...I was soooo busy and couldn't even think about dying. It was just like having my toe operated on or something. I just detached myself from it for that whole period. And it worked for me. That, and a little bit of Xanax.

Quickly, Andrew liked Olivet and felt they really liked him. Right now, before any scholarship offers come in, he is still leaning towards North Park but said that the money would have to be worth it. To complicate things, the North Park baseball coach called today and really wants to meet him and to have him visit. He was quite upset that he was not contacted that Andrew was there. And then, the Albion College football coach called tonight and wants him to come to visit next Monday. When it rains it pours. Andrew is getting a bit confused I think so it will be nice to just get back to school for a few days.

Feeling very proud to be an American today. No matter how you voted, I think we all felt a sense of pride as we watched history being made. And wasn't Michelle's suit gorgeous? : )

Cyndi, I am thinking of you. And Karen, you too. You both need to keep me posted! Prayers to all my sisters and angels as we support eachother.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Decisions, decisions. Olivet tomorrow.

Hi Hi.

Home sweet home. Jim and I were the first up today at the hotel--I think the boys would have slept until tomorrow if we had let them. We got home before noon.

Andrew was very satisfied with his visit but now things get complicated. Luckily, his visit with Olivet is tomorrow so we will have at least three options to mull over before he makes any decisions. Jim is taking him to this visit, along with cousin Matt, who played basketball at Olivet. I filled out the FAFSA today--at least part of it--and although I know we won't get any aide, it is a requirement of the colleges he is looking at. Both North Park and Olivet have merit scholarships--many of which Andrew is qualified for--but none of them add up enough to make equal the cost of say going to Michigan State (which we still haven't heard from since the higher ACT score was sent it!) or Central for example. Matt Brawley is convinced he will get good money at Olivet; Matt said the football coach was surprised Andrew would even consider Olivet after looking at his films, but we know how that goes....When we left North Park the assistant head coach pulled Andrew aside and said "I will be recruiting you hard" so we will be talking soon. I told Josh and Jim he probably said that to everyone and Josh said no, he didn't, I listened to what he said to each quarterback and he only said that to Andrew. Gotta love Joshie. When we were waiting for visit to start yesterday, the offensive line coach who played five years in the NFL came up and walked quickly by Andrew, straight to Josh, and said "Finally! I have finally found my offensive lineman I have been looking for!" Those of you who know Josh know he is one scrawny string bean. He was wearing his glasses, playing with his I pod looking way more like Bill Gates than a football player.

We have decided Andrew will have to do an overnight at North Park to keep it on the list. The campus is not very pretty, but with all the snow, it was hard to see what it really looked like. It has 1800 students, which is about 800 more than Olivet. We have two former NHS students who go there so Andrew is trying to get in contact with them through Facebook. When we were driving around, we drove into a nearby neighborhood and it was definitely filled with many temples and synagogues that were just starting worship so we saw lots of beards, black coats and hats. What a different and interesting world it will be for Andrew if he goes there. The coach's wife also told us about all the ethnic festivals nearby.

Josh is skiing--Andrew and Jim are napping. Off to make pork chops for dinner.

Chest is still burning--but it comes and goes which I can't figure out!!!!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

K takes a hit

To quote Andrew Brawley, K took a hit today. Andrew really really really liked what he found at North Park. The visit was very different from our visit to Kalamazoo, and the university is very different as well. We got here very early...found our hotel first (sort of) and then headed up to find the university, which is about 15 minutes north on Lakeshore Drive and then you head west ( if you head east you obviously go into Lake Michigan)

North Park is not K-College in terms of the beautiful campus. There are no fireplaces lit all over the campus, no marble floors, no brand new cafeterias. But it just fit Andrew so much better. First of all, the coaches were really approachable, very down to earth with the kids, and set us at ease right away. We didn't start with admissions like we did with K--spent most time with the coaches. Each one came around and spoke with us, the college VP did as well...then we did the tour, met with the admissions lady, talked financial aide (North Park is about $10 grand cheaper than K) and even met the head coach's wife. At lunch, Andrew sat with an education professor and football players, who were extremely outgoing. Andrew felt the cafeteria food was better than K, but I think that was because he was having a much better time.

After the visit, we came back and checked in and Jim had his first stress meltdown trying to find where to park here at the hotel. Then, we upgraded our room for $9 and got a wonderful view of a very soon to be frozen Lake Michigan. We are on the 33rd floor and have special keys to the "Club", which gives us free sodas, breakfast, wine, etc....all for that $9 upgrade! Tells me this place is NOT sold out We are at the Hyatt Regency by the way.

For dinner, friends had recommended Manny's, which is a deli cafeteria that features corned beef and pastrami sandwiches. YUMMY. They were awesome! We took a cab there as Jim was not about to try to find it after our parking fiasco with the hotel.

Tonight we watched "Slumdog Millionairre" in our hotel room--for a nice $12.99. (we figured it was cheaper than going to the movies, even the Ready) I think I liked was way different than anything I have ever seen. Movies like this I have to wait to decide if i liked it. It won a Golden Globe for Best Drama and although it was good, I am not sure it was that good.

Missing my dog. Trying not to think of cancer. Praying for Cyndi's clean margins.


College Visit Weekend

It is 6:19 AM and I am waiting for Jim to get home from getting gas and McDonald's for Andrew. We are headed to Chicago--North Park University-- for the night. I am glad to get away as it allows me to deny this burning issue in my chest. Last night, when I went to bed I thought it felt good when I layed down, but now it's there, feeling like a knawing little pain behind the implant.

Andrew's visit to K-College went very well, although I doubt he will end up there. It was a fantastic experience for him (and Jim and me) and I am glad we did it. I will update later on it as I don't have time now, but it was a fun day for all of us---I only wanted to kill Andrew once--when he asked ME to fill out an information form for him! Will this child ever make it without me? One of the best things about the day was that the baseball coach wants him to come for an overnight visit so Andrew feels like he is really interested. The admission counselor was very good too--she is brand new but was so genuine and sincere. But again, doubt he will end up there.

Josh is also going with us today. He spent the night at a friend's and stayed up all night so Josh and no sleep and Andrew grumpy in the morning is going to prove for an interesting drive to Chicago. The drive to Kalamazoo yesterday was harrowing to say the least. I was like a statute driving along 1-94. Luckily, Jim's boss let him off early so he got to go too. Yes, we had another snow day on Friday--that's 5 days off so far this year. I think we might have one more before we have to make them up. My prognosticator husband predicted seven.

Shade is visiting her favorite friend Al (Ginger and John's dog) for the night. I haven't said how much I appreciate my in-laws lately. They are the best!!! I miss Shade already. She is my blood pressure lowerer. : )

Again, I will update College Visit Weekend soon. Also, Andrew is headed to Olivet on Monday to meet with the football coach and yesterday got a hand written letter from the head Olivet baseball coach wanting him to come up. Thanks sooooooooooooooo much to Andrew's NHS baseball coach Mike for sending out what we are hearing is a wonderful letter about Andrew.

But to keep Andrew's ego in check, we lost to Lakeshore in basketball last night. What else is new>

Off to the Windy City. Weather,com says it is a whopping 11 degrees--with a -4 wind chill,

Love to all those with boobs, flat or not.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes, a snow day.

Snow Day Snow Day What a Wonderful Snow Day! My beautiful Shady checks out the newly fallen snow this morning. The trees were gorgeous! We now have probably two feet of snow in the backyard and it makes for difficult pottying for the pup. But she loves it and plays for quite awhile. More later!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The No Mo Blizzard Blues

BRRR. I have to admit I am rather sad our blizzard watch is canceled. I love blizzards. We are supposed to get some lake effect snow starting tomorrow some time. The timing doesn't look good for a snow day but I guess that is ok because we need to finish exams so we might at well get it over with. We dismissed an hour early today to make sure the busses got to the elementaries as soon as possible--which they did. Andrew's game was canceled and I have to admit I for one was not disappointed. American Idol starts tonight and we always laugh at it so it will be a nice family activity.

Still not feeling well. I think Tylenol and Advil take the edge off and then I forget about it, but then if breathe deeply or move a certain way I feel the ache. I keep asking myself what I am so afraid of--it is what it is--but going to the doctor will set into place numerous tests and since this pain is definitely SOMETHING, bad news could really ruin my day, you know? Egads. Enough already. My only other option is that my implant is really pulling on my muscles. Every other thing I can think of is too scary.

Josh is laying here on my lap practically and needs to quit reading this. He spent 3 hours at his Algebra II teacher's house tonight to review for his final. She always goes the extra mile and has kids over in groups. He now went to get his typical dinner, a frozen pizza. Jim made the rest of us miniburgers on his little griddle grill.

Andrew has to finish his WalMart paper this week and he will be done with his College Writing class. Next semester he has Creative Writing. Josh is excited because he gets to take our Leisure Sports class...they do all kinds of fun things. First thing is skiing!

We are hooked on Two and a Half Men these days.

Cyndi is having her surgery Thursday. Here's to clean margins and little pain!!!!!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Of course they're fake. The other ones tried to kill me.

This was on a t-shirt on a breast cancer website. LOVE IT!!!!!

You should see me trying to decide on a hotel in Chicago. I think I have some "can't make a decision disease". (here i go again, looking for some disease) Finally, after almost 10 hours of trying to decide, we made our reservations at the Hyatt Regency, where I have stayed before. We were all set on this W Lakeshore but some of the reviews indicated the pool was being fixed. The funny thing is we will probably be in the hotel for about 12 hours! And won't go to the pool either. I was psyched that they allow pets until I thought "heck no, I am not taking that dog!" What was I thinking.

Josh is hitting the slopes as we speak. I am cooking my spiral ham. Last night Shade ate the whole loaf of rye bread. WOW. She is working her way up to Marley status.

Andrew is studying. If studying means watching the NFL game and then running back to the computer to study his on-line notes. I sure hope the on-line notes are what he needs to study because that is all he is looking at--I can't wait for this semester to be over.

We went out for breakfast with Dan and Aida and the kids. Skyler is well aware that Objagina (sounds like ob-ja-vagina) is going to be our new president. We laughed! Talon declared that HE was our next president. Willow just ate her hot dog and smiled the whole time. You never know what she is thinking!

We are preparing for bitter cold temperatures this week. Andrew keeps checking the weather report in his itouch. For as much as he loves snow, he really needs to be a teacher in the hopes of future snow days.

Josh's middle school English teacher has asked him to enter a writing contest about a novella by Ayn Rand. He is pretty excited about it but hasn't put the time in yet so who knows how long that excitement will last. In case you haven't read it, Josh wrote a controversial article for our school paper about his dislike for cheerleaders. It was quite tongue and cheek but of course upset some (less than you would expect) cheerleaders and a few others. I would not have published it had I been the adviser as I was quite conservative and hate hurting anyone's feelings, but they did publish it with a rebuttal from a cheerleader so it was pretty balanced. Josh got all kinds of praise as well so overall, it was a good experience for him. Now he really looks for controversial topics. He told me yesterday that he was most recently assigned a story on "gay people." Oh lordy....why me???

Not much else to say. Chest barely hurt when I got up but the burning is starting again.

Stay warm.

Mrs. Molly Elizabeth Holdship Brawley
The One Boob Wonder

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Same pain, different day.

Good afternoon on this snowy, snowy Saturday. We're getting ready to go to a family birthday party for Chase, Matt's son, who is two. I want to pull my hair out as Andrew is doing everything to avoid studying for his AP Psychology exam. He really has to do well on the exam to salvage a decent semester grade. I am just mad at him in general these days. The whole college search thing is occupying his mind--so much, he is forgetting he has to finish high school first. His MME scores waived him out of all of his final exams, but in AP he does have to take it...........Josh only has his Chemistry final and says he will Ace it. We shall see! : )

I am going to get this over with: my chest still hurts. The whole week of school I doctored with Advil and Pepcid AC --thought it helped some--even wanted to say to people "I think this is better!" but today that burning spot deep in my implant area is definitely there. It is so reminiscent of the burn the ACC tumor had-but also reminds me of pains I had years ago that we think we related to birth control pills. So I don't have to go on and on about this, I will say that when it's time to call the doctor, I will know it. I guess I am not there yet. Or am I just too scared to do it? You know, someone said heartburn is related to menopause? But this isn't just heartburn--and it seems to be too high up to be an ulcer. And I have no reason to have an ulcer. (HA!)

Andrew has his K-College visit Friday--I am going with him. The visit will last until 2:00 or so, and we are thinking about letting him skip basketball practice so we can head to Chicago Friday night for his North Park University visit on Saturday. I am googling hotels--we are thinking about staying by Navy Pier. North Park is way north of the city but easy to get to from Lakeshore Drive. We stayed the Hyatt once and it was very nice. I think as a family it will be good to get away and this visit is a good excuse.

The Olivet College coach also called. One of my best friends from high school is married to his brother so we sort of know him. We have not picked a visit date yet--the coaches are out of town this week so it will probably be later this month. Jim will go to that visit. We don't even know if parents are supposed to go to these things or not--I can always go to my mom and dad's during the K-College visit.

Jim made venison stew yesterday and we are planning on having it for dinner. I still struggling eating venison but will try it. He, as always, used no recipe, which means it will have some really strong flavors. I bought a spiral ham today to cook for tomorrow. Also bought stuff for ham and swiss sandwiches.

Must go to the party. Happy Birthday Chase!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What do you think of Wal Mart?

Getting up today was easier than expected but I think I might have had my first hot flash. I felt miserable for about 10 minutes--do you feel nauseated too? 'Cause I sure did! But once I was up and about, I felt much better. Chest still hurts but my mind didn't focus on it too often at work. i was busy--we are getting ready for exam week next week and I was working on second semester schedules for both students and teachers. A good day at school means less focus on cancer.

I spoke with another ACC sister on the phone last night. It's amazing the bond you have with someone when you have this lousy diagnosis. I hope to help my sisters not worry but that is sometimes very hard for me to do because as we all know, WORRY is my middle name. (I think I posted that one or two times, huh?) This chest pain has me all discombobulated. Even sitting here typing this I can feel it burning and my shoulders tensing. The only time the pain dissipates is when I am laying in bed. No wonder I want to be there all the time! : )

Andrew is at Kait's game tonight. They are such a darling couple. Andrew spoke to a few kids at school today and found three who have lower gpa's and the same ACT that he has (one had a lower gpa AND a lower ACT) who all got into Michigan State. NONE of them have the activities and sports that he has. I looked over class lists etc. and there is no rhyme or reason for him not to get in with his latest ACT so we shall see. It's amazing the opinions i have heard from various parents about the admissions process at State.

What else? Have I mentioned my chest/lung hurts?

Another school called Andrew today from Chicago. North Park University (College??) saw his game film and wants him to come visit. Andrew did not get home in time to call the coach back but will tomorrow. He is intrigued with this place only because it is in the heart of Wrigleyville! He so wants to play baseball somewhere so it is ironic the sudden interest in his football career. I know at K-college they basically said he could play baseball there--or at least be on the team.

My mom called today and said there was a front page article in the Kalamazoo Gazette tonight about Kalamazoo College and other elite private schools and how their applications are down. K-college is down like 7 percent. No wonder they want Andrew! : ) The article of course focused on the crazy costs to go there but K -College is working on more financial aide packages so maybe there is hope for Mr. Andrew.

Andrew has to write his final College Writing paper on whether or not WalMart is good for society. He is taking the angle that it really depends on who you ask. He actually started it tonight before Kait's game and has a good direction. If you have an opinion about that topic, feel free to post it on my blog because he wants to interview some people for the section on the consumer's perception and reality of WalMart. Interestingly enough, the students are directed to use the Internet for all their research so you posting your opinion on my blog counts!

If you watch the Food Network, Aida, Danny's wife was on again tonight. I say again because she is in one episode of a cake baking competition as a judge. (she works for Whirlpool, who sponsored the competition) We have to watch it until we see her eating the Grape and Lemon Cake. Danny makes fun of us because he now realizes how often we watch that channel.

Ok, back to my mantra. I am NOT going to die today.

Love to you all and special prayers for Cyndi as she waits for results--peace out sister--it WILL get easier.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh lordy, pass the Kleenex.

If you are a dog lover, you have to see Marley and Me. Jim and I went last night and I sobbed. Jim was sitting next to me and I could feel his arm trembling up and down and when I looked at him we both started cracking up at our blubbering. It has a really sad part but the movie itself is a very happy story. I loved Jennifer Aniston as the mom, and Owen Wilson was fine, although his voice bugs me sometimes. But we loved it and talked about it all night. Not sure if Dan and Aida liked it as much as we did, but they don't have a dog so maybe that makes a difference.

Before the movie we took Josh and all the nephews (sans Talon of course) to Swiss Valley to snowboard. Quinn has gone once before but Jake and Zack were rookies so we stayed to watch their first run. We have had some icy weather conditions so the snow on the slopes was iffy at best. Jake and Quinn struggled their first run, but made it down relatively easy. Poor Zack somehow slid off to the side of the slope and ended up tumbling like a two ton tumbleweed just about the whole way down. Needless to say, when he finally reached the bottom he had sworn off snowboarding for life. But we made him stick it out--he rested for awhile in the lodge--got brave again and ended up liking it. I so hope they like it as Josh LOVES it and the more family into it, the better. I would love to take a family weekend trip to Boyne. Pam and I can drink in the lodge and send the guys out with the kids. Knowing Mimi, with her "I won't wear any more granny panties" New year's resolution, she would probably actually SKI. Not me, my implant would probably bust open. Or perhaps it would act as an airbag? Forgive me, I digress. : )

Today I got my haircut and came home and had to take a nap. I am never going to be able to get up once school starts on Monday. Andrew has a game tonight (we are going to get creamed I am afraid) so we are headed there at 6:00 with Jim's parents. Josh and I went to Wings for lunch and now my chest/lung issues are even worse because of heartburn. I am wondering if my chest aches are from the implant? It seems almost like a deep deep muscle pull--the thought that cancer has embedded itself in my chest wall scares me, as the feeling is very similar to the overall pain I had with the lump--but then again, I realize my implant is under one of the chest muscles so maybe it is just stretching. By the way, for my long time readers, I still get that liver/gall bladder pain every once in awhile. Just another Molly Obsession.

A fellow teacher passed away this weekend from her battle with cancer. Shelly Wilder taught at our early elementary child center and was loved, loved, loved. She fought one hell of a fight based on what I knew. Say a prayer for her family. They knew this was coming but it has to hurt like crazy. I am sure Shelly is in a better place.

I hate to say this but I really want another dog. Wouldn't Shady love a new playmate? We could get a yellow lab like Marley (well, better behaved) and we could call her Sunny. You know, if I begged I could get one from my husband. I should strike now while Jim is feeling sentimental about the movie. I love dogs that is all there is to it.

Ah well, I should probably put on some sort if makeup and comb my hair. My day of laying on the couch watching The Real Housewives marathons is over. (as opposed to Jim, who got up at 7 to go hit baseballs with Andrew, then had basketball practice with his 7th graders, then went to help Zech process his venison and now is ready for the game)

Vacation is over. UGH.

Peace out,
yours in boobdom,
Pasta Linguine,


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two posts in one day.

Hello all--Happy New Year--again.

I posted some new photos I took today with my handy dandy new camera that Nimmy got for me for Christmas. I just need a bigger memory card as the one that came with the camera fills up too fast.

I also posted two links to two ACC sisters blogs. Follow them if you would like. Also, one more plea to you all to remember to click on my ads that are somewhere on this site--I should probably move them. I think each click earns me about $2 and that adds up fast. Remember, money is being sent to a group that deals with ACC.

Today was relatively uneventful, other than our Christmas celebration. Josh pooled all his money and gift cards (I had to buy one from him) but all in all, he had enough to buy an Ipod Touch, which is what Andrew got from us. So they are both happy and therefore, I am happy.

Our large screen tv is on the fritz. We called a local TV repair man who grumbled throughout the repair about what a piece of crap our TV was. It was so funny that Jim just laughed and laughed. We think it is the bulb for the LCD--we knew when we bought the sucker this day would come. So the repair guy left grumbling about having to go find it and mumbling why anyone would ever want a SONY tv. It was quite funny as he reminded me of my dad.

Andrew is asleep again from his all night party. I want to thank the parents who hosted this last night--they know who they are--I know my kid was safe and that they don't provide alcohol to high school kids/minors--which seems to be popular these days. Having as many kids has they did has to be a pain in the neck but knowing he was there, having a great time, makes things easy on parents. Josh had fun snowboarding--is taking all his cousins tomorrow.

Much love to you all. Chest still hurts--almost like major asthma attack but not.



Happy New Year! I think, for the first time in my whole life, I moved into a new year alone! Isn't that weird? Jim left at 11:45 to pick up Josh from the slopes...oh well, I didn't even watch the ball drop either. Shade is here though, going nutso because someone let off some firecrackers nearby and it is freaking her out. Love my doggy.

So, a new year. As I type this, I am plagued with some really odd chest/muscle pains in my upper back and chest area. This is about day 5 of it. Have decided that if it still hurts next week I will call. Last night the pain was so bad I actually took something for it and some Xanax--that helped. But there is something going on for sure. Pray it is nothing serious, ok? I want a cancer-worry free year!

Andrew is going on a "visit" to Kalamazoo College January 16. He has spoken with the coach a few times and they seem to get along famously--we shall see. I say it has to be a LOT of financial aid to go there--Andrew is afraid he isn't smart enough but I say pfshhh to that...he would do wonderfully if he actually worked at it. My parents would flip if he went a good way. They've even driven around the campus to check things out. Ginger's mom used to be the admissions secretary at K-college for DECADES so we think it would be fitting if he went there.

Did I tell you that I have to go back to see Dr. M in February? He wants to look at the nipple again (which looks really really good by the way) and I have to do some sort of form filling out for my implant. I am in that 10 year study remember.

I am watching the Girls Next Door. What an exciting life I lead. Ok, now Jay Leno.

Since I am rambling, I will end here. Happy New Year to's to a better 2009 than ever imagined and peace for everyone!