Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Cyndi did not get clean margins. She now has to decide the whole reconstruction thing and what is next but the breast has to come off. Remember my days of getting the news of no clean margins? It just STINKS. I am praying for her right now...I just want to her to get the sense of peace that will come when she has a plan. When we were busy making appointments was the easy time for me...I was soooo busy and couldn't even think about dying. It was just like having my toe operated on or something. I just detached myself from it for that whole period. And it worked for me. That, and a little bit of Xanax.

Quickly, Andrew liked Olivet and felt they really liked him. Right now, before any scholarship offers come in, he is still leaning towards North Park but said that the money would have to be worth it. To complicate things, the North Park baseball coach called today and really wants to meet him and to have him visit. He was quite upset that he was not contacted that Andrew was there. And then, the Albion College football coach called tonight and wants him to come to visit next Monday. When it rains it pours. Andrew is getting a bit confused I think so it will be nice to just get back to school for a few days.

Feeling very proud to be an American today. No matter how you voted, I think we all felt a sense of pride as we watched history being made. And wasn't Michelle's suit gorgeous? : )

Cyndi, I am thinking of you. And Karen, you too. You both need to keep me posted! Prayers to all my sisters and angels as we support eachother.



Elise said...

I have read your blog for a long time - I am a very big breast cancer supporter; but I wanted to say that I am originally from the Olivet area and both of my sisters-in-law and many friends have attended Olivet and are all really proud of their education and time there. I also got married on their campus at the Congregational Church - it's a beautiful campus, anyway good luck to Andrew with his decision :)

Cyndi Sloop said...


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I spent today looking up breast reconstruction on the internet, understanding the different procedures.

I think your son is lucky to have so many choices - WOW! (Albion College is close to where I use to live.)