Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The No Mo Blizzard Blues

BRRR. I have to admit I am rather sad our blizzard watch is canceled. I love blizzards. We are supposed to get some lake effect snow starting tomorrow some time. The timing doesn't look good for a snow day but I guess that is ok because we need to finish exams so we might at well get it over with. We dismissed an hour early today to make sure the busses got to the elementaries as soon as possible--which they did. Andrew's game was canceled and I have to admit I for one was not disappointed. American Idol starts tonight and we always laugh at it so it will be a nice family activity.

Still not feeling well. I think Tylenol and Advil take the edge off and then I forget about it, but then if breathe deeply or move a certain way I feel the ache. I keep asking myself what I am so afraid of--it is what it is--but going to the doctor will set into place numerous tests and since this pain is definitely SOMETHING, bad news could really ruin my day, you know? Egads. Enough already. My only other option is that my implant is really pulling on my muscles. Every other thing I can think of is too scary.

Josh is laying here on my lap practically and needs to quit reading this. He spent 3 hours at his Algebra II teacher's house tonight to review for his final. She always goes the extra mile and has kids over in groups. He now went to get his typical dinner, a frozen pizza. Jim made the rest of us miniburgers on his little griddle grill.

Andrew has to finish his WalMart paper this week and he will be done with his College Writing class. Next semester he has Creative Writing. Josh is excited because he gets to take our Leisure Sports class...they do all kinds of fun things. First thing is skiing!

We are hooked on Two and a Half Men these days.

Cyndi is having her surgery Thursday. Here's to clean margins and little pain!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Molly!
Have you talked to anyone else who's had the reconstruction that may be able to ease your fears on this pain? I still think it would be best to tell your Dr. (It's possible you could be worrying over nothing:) I hope so!
Hugs & Prayers!