Sunday, January 11, 2009

Of course they're fake. The other ones tried to kill me.

This was on a t-shirt on a breast cancer website. LOVE IT!!!!!

You should see me trying to decide on a hotel in Chicago. I think I have some "can't make a decision disease". (here i go again, looking for some disease) Finally, after almost 10 hours of trying to decide, we made our reservations at the Hyatt Regency, where I have stayed before. We were all set on this W Lakeshore but some of the reviews indicated the pool was being fixed. The funny thing is we will probably be in the hotel for about 12 hours! And won't go to the pool either. I was psyched that they allow pets until I thought "heck no, I am not taking that dog!" What was I thinking.

Josh is hitting the slopes as we speak. I am cooking my spiral ham. Last night Shade ate the whole loaf of rye bread. WOW. She is working her way up to Marley status.

Andrew is studying. If studying means watching the NFL game and then running back to the computer to study his on-line notes. I sure hope the on-line notes are what he needs to study because that is all he is looking at--I can't wait for this semester to be over.

We went out for breakfast with Dan and Aida and the kids. Skyler is well aware that Objagina (sounds like ob-ja-vagina) is going to be our new president. We laughed! Talon declared that HE was our next president. Willow just ate her hot dog and smiled the whole time. You never know what she is thinking!

We are preparing for bitter cold temperatures this week. Andrew keeps checking the weather report in his itouch. For as much as he loves snow, he really needs to be a teacher in the hopes of future snow days.

Josh's middle school English teacher has asked him to enter a writing contest about a novella by Ayn Rand. He is pretty excited about it but hasn't put the time in yet so who knows how long that excitement will last. In case you haven't read it, Josh wrote a controversial article for our school paper about his dislike for cheerleaders. It was quite tongue and cheek but of course upset some (less than you would expect) cheerleaders and a few others. I would not have published it had I been the adviser as I was quite conservative and hate hurting anyone's feelings, but they did publish it with a rebuttal from a cheerleader so it was pretty balanced. Josh got all kinds of praise as well so overall, it was a good experience for him. Now he really looks for controversial topics. He told me yesterday that he was most recently assigned a story on "gay people." Oh lordy....why me???

Not much else to say. Chest barely hurt when I got up but the burning is starting again.

Stay warm.

Mrs. Molly Elizabeth Holdship Brawley
The One Boob Wonder


Anonymous said...

Hey Molly! We went to see "Marley and Me" last night. You were right about it being sad. Taylor cried for a good hour after the movie because it made her think of our old boxer Cascious. Then today her hamster died. She has definately had a rough weekend. We also saw Andrew and Kait there. Jeff and I barely recognized him. They sure do grow up before we know it. Hope you start feeling better and worrying less.


Cyndi Sloop said...


Have to admit, I like that one. Well it's the start of another week. I bet Monday's are somewhat crazy at your school!? Hopefully it'll be a smooth sailing week. I'm trying to get all my paperwork together and organized just in case I have surgery on Thursday. Still waiting for an answer. Have I ever mentioned that it seems like I'm in a forever waiting pattern? lol Have a great day!

Stephanie said...

Hi Molly
I came to visit. I want one of those shirts. please email the site. So cute and true. I am praying for peace for ya!!!!! I know what you are feeling. It sure does suck! Take care and keep the faith.