Thursday, January 22, 2009

WHOOSH. That was my week.

Wow, I am tired. I have sat in meetings almost all week and got very little energy from my students this week...listened to adults speak on a variety of things and while it was very, very good, I always miss the interaction with students as they are the reason for what I do.

Ignoring pains still.

This week has gone very quickly and tomorrow is Friday. The students started second semester. Andrew is taking an online class called The Mathematics of Baseball. How's that for an accelerated senior year? He really is interested in it so what the heck. He also has creative writing so I am glad as that should be a bit easier than his College Writing class. He did finally get his WalMart paper done, but we had so many technology problems with it that he finally claimed that the ghost of Sam Walton was cursing him. He should get an A in the class but who knows how he did on this last paper. But at least he knows how to cite sources and format a research paper.

We (Andrew and I) head to Albion on Monday--but we aren't all that enthused which is probably a good thing, since we can't be disappointed then. Andrew got a wonderful had written letter from the K-College coach--talking about how much they can't wait to see him in the orange and black uniform, etc. Andrew has basically eliminated them however, and is scared to talk to the coach because they have become buddies through the recruitment process. But he isn't talling anybody ANYTHING until he has to. Tonight he is up hitting for baseball and I can tell in his head he has moved on to that now. North Park has called nightly to see where he stands in the application process...we think he has everything in now. I was reading about D III recruitment and some sources were saying that it is an "exhaustive" process and that ain't no joke. Would be much easier to just say Hey, I am going to CMU! Another coach was telling Jim tonight that some D I and D II schools lose players to D III schools because they can offer so much more if the player is right. I sure hope that happens! : ) Andrew managed to pull out AP Psych with an "average" grade--otherwise he had a pretty decent report card--all A's and a B+ except for the "average" grade in AP. (I am not saying a C because I am praying that is what it is...he isn't sure!!!..EEEK!)
Anyway, Josh did well too. His Algebra II grade is his only B.

What else. I think Karen has surgery tomorrow. Lots of positive energy to you my dear! Cyndi, let me know your next steps. You are handling this all so well and before you know it you will have a nice rock boob like I did. (don't worry, squishy boob comes soon enough)

I am chilly willy right now so time to take a shower and go to bed. I haven't read in weeks--other than college catalogs!

Much love to all--I still need each and everyone of you. You are my very cheap therapy but worth a priceless amount!



Cyndi Sloop said...

TGIF! (I'm trying to stay focused at work until the end of the day gets here.) Sounds like your week has been long and you're looking forward to the weekend.

Your life sounds busy between work, your sons and traveling to all these colleges. And then you're wonderful enough to worry about all us ACC people. I so appreciate your support! I hope that I will be able to help others when that time comes.

I've been saying little prayers each time I've thought of Karen today. I'm hoping everything is going smoothly for her and clear margins and negative lymph nodes.

Take care,

Stephanie said...

A quick hello to ya. I am glad you are there for Cyndi. You are such a helpful lady. Thank God for you. Seems like now you have to help another sister!! Keep me posted k? xxx