Monday, January 5, 2009

What do you think of Wal Mart?

Getting up today was easier than expected but I think I might have had my first hot flash. I felt miserable for about 10 minutes--do you feel nauseated too? 'Cause I sure did! But once I was up and about, I felt much better. Chest still hurts but my mind didn't focus on it too often at work. i was busy--we are getting ready for exam week next week and I was working on second semester schedules for both students and teachers. A good day at school means less focus on cancer.

I spoke with another ACC sister on the phone last night. It's amazing the bond you have with someone when you have this lousy diagnosis. I hope to help my sisters not worry but that is sometimes very hard for me to do because as we all know, WORRY is my middle name. (I think I posted that one or two times, huh?) This chest pain has me all discombobulated. Even sitting here typing this I can feel it burning and my shoulders tensing. The only time the pain dissipates is when I am laying in bed. No wonder I want to be there all the time! : )

Andrew is at Kait's game tonight. They are such a darling couple. Andrew spoke to a few kids at school today and found three who have lower gpa's and the same ACT that he has (one had a lower gpa AND a lower ACT) who all got into Michigan State. NONE of them have the activities and sports that he has. I looked over class lists etc. and there is no rhyme or reason for him not to get in with his latest ACT so we shall see. It's amazing the opinions i have heard from various parents about the admissions process at State.

What else? Have I mentioned my chest/lung hurts?

Another school called Andrew today from Chicago. North Park University (College??) saw his game film and wants him to come visit. Andrew did not get home in time to call the coach back but will tomorrow. He is intrigued with this place only because it is in the heart of Wrigleyville! He so wants to play baseball somewhere so it is ironic the sudden interest in his football career. I know at K-college they basically said he could play baseball there--or at least be on the team.

My mom called today and said there was a front page article in the Kalamazoo Gazette tonight about Kalamazoo College and other elite private schools and how their applications are down. K-college is down like 7 percent. No wonder they want Andrew! : ) The article of course focused on the crazy costs to go there but K -College is working on more financial aide packages so maybe there is hope for Mr. Andrew.

Andrew has to write his final College Writing paper on whether or not WalMart is good for society. He is taking the angle that it really depends on who you ask. He actually started it tonight before Kait's game and has a good direction. If you have an opinion about that topic, feel free to post it on my blog because he wants to interview some people for the section on the consumer's perception and reality of WalMart. Interestingly enough, the students are directed to use the Internet for all their research so you posting your opinion on my blog counts!

If you watch the Food Network, Aida, Danny's wife was on again tonight. I say again because she is in one episode of a cake baking competition as a judge. (she works for Whirlpool, who sponsored the competition) We have to watch it until we see her eating the Grape and Lemon Cake. Danny makes fun of us because he now realizes how often we watch that channel.

Ok, back to my mantra. I am NOT going to die today.

Love to you all and special prayers for Cyndi as she waits for results--peace out sister--it WILL get easier.



Anonymous said...

I think Wally World puts too many U.S. Mom & Pop places out of business and makes the chinese richer! Of course, I still shop there all the time:) Lowest prices around, right? But then again, I'm a small business owner.
As for the chest/lung pain. Could it be costochondritis? Or are you short of breath? I don't know. I am constantly trying to self diagnose. (My middle name is Worry too!) Maybe you should call your doc if things don't improve soon. Hugs and Happy thoughts! wowmom2

Cyndi Sloop said...

As for Wally World, I have to agree with the first commentor as far as I believe when they come into an area, they put the small business owners out of business. They can not compete with the prices. But, my daughter works at one so it's helping her.

Special prayers to you Molly, I wish I could shed light on the "why" of your chest/lung pain but I won't pretend to know the reasons. I will just pray for you often. It was great to talk with you. I too felt like we were old friends and felt such a comfort to know I wasn't alone and someone else had an idea of what it's like to walk in this diagnosis shoes.

Later I will send you an email that trys to explain how you can have that border on your blog and I will try to remember where I made that signature I use. It's been a while since I did it.

Well I've got to go and brave the ice-rain and snow that is hitting the area. I just love rush-hour traffic, especially when we add freezing rain to the mix. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive and my IPOD.

Peaceful thoughts to you!

MadCityMike said...

I think the nausea was due to having to go back to school. ;)
Best of luck to Andrew for getting what he wants/where he wants to go to school next year, and of course, play baseball.
Walmart? I rarely go there unless I am desperate in searching for something that I have not been able to find elsewhere. Usually, I don't find whatever it is there either.

Angie said...

I see what Wal mart is going for. And when I am trying to fill my shopping cart on a tight budget I appreciate it. But I don't like their business practices, strong arming companies into a lower prices.

My husband on the other hand, who has a degree in finance and is in the financial world, thinks that Wal Mart is the picture of a successful large company. He always says if you are the big dog on the block you get to throw your weight around and make sure things go your way.

Anonymous said...

I don't comment too much, but read your blog often. You are always in my prayers.

As for Walmart, I can see how small businesses in communities cannot compete, but if there were no Walmart, stores such as Target or Mejeir would be the scapegoat for the tragedy of businesses closing. My husband works for Walmart. He is apart of the truckdrivers in their private fleet. I have the most experience with that division of their business. They take extremely good care of the drivers. They focus on the safety of the drivers more than any other trucking company my husband has ever worked for. In addition, they promote family too. If there is any reason that a driver needs to come back home, whether it is a sickness or maybe just a basketball game of a child, they bend over backwards to ensure that the employee is home with their family.

Thanks for letting me share a portion of the good things that Walmart does.
-Rikki (Kaup) Jones

Stephanie said...

Hi Molly, how is the chest? you have been in my prayer. I love all the new pictures. Looks like a great Christmas at your home! I did get my implants put in. I hate the left (non cancer )side. It looks like un uneven hill. but then is just a boob right????