Saturday, January 17, 2009

K takes a hit

To quote Andrew Brawley, K took a hit today. Andrew really really really liked what he found at North Park. The visit was very different from our visit to Kalamazoo, and the university is very different as well. We got here very early...found our hotel first (sort of) and then headed up to find the university, which is about 15 minutes north on Lakeshore Drive and then you head west ( if you head east you obviously go into Lake Michigan)

North Park is not K-College in terms of the beautiful campus. There are no fireplaces lit all over the campus, no marble floors, no brand new cafeterias. But it just fit Andrew so much better. First of all, the coaches were really approachable, very down to earth with the kids, and set us at ease right away. We didn't start with admissions like we did with K--spent most time with the coaches. Each one came around and spoke with us, the college VP did as well...then we did the tour, met with the admissions lady, talked financial aide (North Park is about $10 grand cheaper than K) and even met the head coach's wife. At lunch, Andrew sat with an education professor and football players, who were extremely outgoing. Andrew felt the cafeteria food was better than K, but I think that was because he was having a much better time.

After the visit, we came back and checked in and Jim had his first stress meltdown trying to find where to park here at the hotel. Then, we upgraded our room for $9 and got a wonderful view of a very soon to be frozen Lake Michigan. We are on the 33rd floor and have special keys to the "Club", which gives us free sodas, breakfast, wine, etc....all for that $9 upgrade! Tells me this place is NOT sold out We are at the Hyatt Regency by the way.

For dinner, friends had recommended Manny's, which is a deli cafeteria that features corned beef and pastrami sandwiches. YUMMY. They were awesome! We took a cab there as Jim was not about to try to find it after our parking fiasco with the hotel.

Tonight we watched "Slumdog Millionairre" in our hotel room--for a nice $12.99. (we figured it was cheaper than going to the movies, even the Ready) I think I liked was way different than anything I have ever seen. Movies like this I have to wait to decide if i liked it. It won a Golden Globe for Best Drama and although it was good, I am not sure it was that good.

Missing my dog. Trying not to think of cancer. Praying for Cyndi's clean margins.



Cyndi Sloop said...


Sounds like things are going well in Chicago. Are there any other colleges on the list that you have left to visit? Have a safe trip home. I'm hoping that some of that sunshine we have is out there for you too. ;}

Angie said...

Glad to hear all went well.