Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two posts in one day.

Hello all--Happy New Year--again.

I posted some new photos I took today with my handy dandy new camera that Nimmy got for me for Christmas. I just need a bigger memory card as the one that came with the camera fills up too fast.

I also posted two links to two ACC sisters blogs. Follow them if you would like. Also, one more plea to you all to remember to click on my ads that are somewhere on this site--I should probably move them. I think each click earns me about $2 and that adds up fast. Remember, money is being sent to a group that deals with ACC.

Today was relatively uneventful, other than our Christmas celebration. Josh pooled all his money and gift cards (I had to buy one from him) but all in all, he had enough to buy an Ipod Touch, which is what Andrew got from us. So they are both happy and therefore, I am happy.

Our large screen tv is on the fritz. We called a local TV repair man who grumbled throughout the repair about what a piece of crap our TV was. It was so funny that Jim just laughed and laughed. We think it is the bulb for the LCD--we knew when we bought the sucker this day would come. So the repair guy left grumbling about having to go find it and mumbling why anyone would ever want a SONY tv. It was quite funny as he reminded me of my dad.

Andrew is asleep again from his all night party. I want to thank the parents who hosted this last night--they know who they are--I know my kid was safe and that they don't provide alcohol to high school kids/minors--which seems to be popular these days. Having as many kids has they did has to be a pain in the neck but knowing he was there, having a great time, makes things easy on parents. Josh had fun snowboarding--is taking all his cousins tomorrow.

Much love to you all. Chest still hurts--almost like major asthma attack but not.



Cyndi Sloop said...

Your new camera seems to take great pictures! Digital cameras are soooo wonderful. Can't imagine how anyone ever lived without one. Take care of that hurting chest, being sick is definetely not fun!

To answer a question you posted on my post, yes both breasts were imaged yesterday. I guess the next time I have to have one, I'll opt for some of that Ativan they were pushing. The noise got my heart racing at one point and I thought I was going to have to ask them to pull me out. Thanks for all the inspiration, it helps to make me smile each day.

By the way, I use to live in Michigan. The last places were Jackson and before that Jonesville. (Must admit, I don't miss all the snow.) My husband and I would ride the motorcycle over your way on weekends. I've been in Indy for three years now.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

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