Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm not dead.

When you write a blog about cancer, you really need to post every so often or people might think you have died. I have not died. I have just found Facebook and Farmville to mess with.

Anyway, you know I will be back eventually. I just am too busy harvesting eggplant, and looking for cute boys from the Class of 1980. Facebook does that to you.

Christmas is just around the corner. Thanksgiving was great, but I want to remember NEVER to leave up there at 2 AM as I can't sleep before hand, and when Jim is ready to sleep and it is my turn to drive, I can't keep my eyes open. Andrew did drive one leg this trip but that was from 7-9 PM on the way up, so that wasn't so tough. Also, remind me to tell Josh he MUST sleep before we leave as he was Mr. Crabby Pants the entire way home.

But it was fun.

I am ok...feeling a bit anxious about Andrew going back to college tonight after having him for four days. He is worried about his grades and with exams coming up, it is doubling. But he is doing just isn't as easy as high school was.

Off to cyber shop.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Making stuffed peppers

Loading my car with groceries today--on this glorious fall evening, I was thinking about cancer and the research I read today. And I realized that I am no different than any other cancer survivor. It can always come back.

But I told myself that I have to live like it won't. No other choices.

Going to make stuffed peppers at my husband's request.

That is what life is about, if you carve away all the other stuff.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

I don't believe them any more.

I am deliberating in my mind if I should no longer belong to some of the informational list servs that keep me in contact with ACC survivors. Today, another ACC breast cancer sister informed us that she has numerous lung mets. I do not know her whole story, but this is such disturbing news. My doctors paint such a great picture--as did her doctors--when in reality, this crappy cancer shows no mercy--including time.

It just sucks.

But, I am not going to die today from this disease, so what choice do I have but to just keep on keeping on.