Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wind and rain

Hello. A little disappointed in the weather today. Too many storms! Cancelled games and a crazy dog are the result.

Josh still isn't home from the Coldwater tournament. Andrew just left for Kait's and Jim went to Vota's house for a cook out. I am just too tired. With the storms at night I don't get any sleep because of the dog. How ridiculous. Last night I put her down stairs and Andrew locked her in a room to leave him alone. We did better that way.

My house, since Spring Break, looks like a tornado hit it. The ping pong table is filled with thousands of pictures, uniforms, newpaper clippings, UGH. I need summer to get it all taken care of.......

Andrew bought a book yesterday called "How to Survive your Freshman Year in College." It is just a book filled with pieces of advice from college students. He is almost done and I am on Chapter 8. It is a super duper easy read and I recommend it to anyone going off to college.

It's sort of amazing how I haven't been complaining about any crazy symptoms lately, isn't it. Amazing what a clear scan will do for you. Other than being TIRED all the time, I feel great. Shade and I need to take a walk.

That's all for now. Hope all is well with the world.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

2009 Outstanding Youth Leader--my kid

Today, Andrew was named the winner of the Berrien County Outstanding Youth Leadership award. To say he was totally shocked was an understatement. He is standing here with Margaret Clayborn and her CEO from Lakeland Hospital. Andrew wins a $1000 scholarship. There were 14 students nominated. A girl from Dowagiac was named the winner of the Outstanding Volunteer award--get this, she designs her own line of purses and donates all the proceeds to a charity. When Andrew read her profile, he said "she will win." Little did he know, there were TWO awards and he got the other one! I've also posted a picture of Andrew and Zach Payne, the other Niles nominee.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He's a Maple Leaf

Andrew signed his Letter of Intent today. Finally, the process is over. Coach Vota is on the left, Andrew, and then Coach Keister, the head coach at Goshen College.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A few prom pictures.

The first picture is of Andrew and Kait, and Sarah and Zach. Are they not beautiful people? I love the second picture, even though you can't see much of Kait's dress (and Andrew is squinting) I will post more later.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lemon custard isn't my first choice.

Hello. Break is officially over. It was a good break, although my list still remains long. I did finish some things for Andrew's graduation party and had a delightful time with Josh and my dog, not to mention the husband. We just went to Sonny's for dinner tonight. Have to pick Andrew up at the airport around 11:00 tonight. I just checked his flight status in Atlanta and he is awaiting take off.

I am being quite crafty with this graduation party stuff. Ok, so that is an exaggeration but I am painting a box thingy to put cards in. And I am still all sticky from spray adhesive from the photo collages I am making. We found the funniest picture of Josh. When Niles went to state in basketball back in 2000 the boys shaved their heads for Uncle Matt, who was also bald. Josh looks hilarious in this one picture. When you come to the party, you will have to look for it among the million others.

Today I was craving a custard filled donut and Krispy Creme was calling me when I was in Mishawaka being crafty. I went in to get one, and the girl behind the counter said they had none. But the boy who waited on me said "How many do you need?" I said six, and six original. So he takes the chocolate covered ones and inserts custard for me. I was excited but then realized when I got home that is was lemon custard, which isn't horrible, but still not what I was hoping for. Jim then came home and was THRILLED I had bought them, as he too was having the same craving. Needless to say, the donuts are all gone now, despite the lemon addition. Josh ate up all the originals I believe.

I think we have seven weeks of school left when we get back. Amazing. I have so much to do when I get back but although it is insanely busy, it flies by. UGH. I just got that "gpong back to chaos" feeling in the pit of my stomach. It will be ok, it always is.

Haven't heard from my ACC/breast sisters--I am assuming everyone is just living their lives like I am.

Love to you all--and Happy Easter, of course.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Last Lecture

Today I started the gathering of photos for Andrew's graduation party. Josh and I have been cracking up at the funny things we have done in the past. I have sticky adhesive all over my hands. Not even half way done but it is a start and something else I can (sort of) cross off my Spring Break list. Luckily, there are very few photos of me.

Jim talked to Andrew in Florida and needs to learn how to ask questions. All I got out of the conversation was that Andrew is staying out of the sun and having fun. Women are such better communicators.

There are two new ACC/breast members on my ACC site. Meredith is trying to decide if she wants the lumpectomy or mastectomy. I told her I had the decision taken away from me, which was a good thing I would guess, for me anyway.

Shady Paige has been outside all day. She looks like she is sunbathing.

Jim does not have to work tomorrow so we are taking Josh to Famous Dave's for dinner tonight. Tomorrow night Jim wants to go watch Lakeshore play baseball in LaPorte. It is an 8:30 PM start time so we will freeze. I wonder if there is a mall nearby? Josh had practice today--a good day with lots of sun.

I want to be a good mom and get my kids Easter Baskets but don't want to waste money. They don't like all that much candy--and get tons from Grandma--and I don't want to buy CD's or gift cards or anything that expensive. Maybe I will buy them beef jerky, They love beek jerky and always ask for it when we are in line at the $100 store, Wal-Mart.

I want to go camping. I should see if there are any campgroungs near Goshen College. Heck, Twin Mills is near there.

I was checking out my areola tattoo and it is really faded and the nipple itself if very small too. It doesn't look like the other one much anymore. It's fine, but definitely very light.

I forgot to mention that I finally read "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. I read it yesterday so that shows you what a quick read it is. I enjoyed it very much and admire his attitude towards dying. I related very well to the day he learned his cancer was back and completely out of control. He said to his wife "I am not going to die today. And I am not going to die tomorrow. So let's get through these days." That is my mantra when I worry. Anyway, healthy people should read this book too. It's not heavy...just a nice reminder to LIVE and enjoy what time you have. I am making Jim read it so he doesn't freak out when Andrew misses a practice or the kids get a B on something.

Josh wants to get on so off I go.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Almost there.

I have about three minutes to type this. I am waiting for Andrew to get home from picking up his buddy Zach. Then we are heading to the South Bend airport to hopefully catch a stand by flight to Florida. The boys and the Alis are not scheduled to fly until 5 PM but Lonnie put in some calls and they are hoping to get on this flight. If not, the boys will at least check their luggage until the later flight.

Andrew has verbally committed to Goshen College. Our visit went well. He left saying that the people there are probably the nicest people on earth. I think he was sold when he met with the players for lunch. While they are probably a LOT nicer than his friends, he seemed to feel at home with them as much as you can the first time you meet someone. It was interesting to watch the dynamics as they were trying to figure each other out. At the last minute, just before meeting the coach to see the final offer, one kid, who I thought was adorable, blurted out "if you are worried about chapel, it's no big deal." And that sold Andrew. When Andrew gets back from Spring Break, he will officially "sign" his letter of intent, if that is what you call it! : )

We did meet this hilarious girl from Grand Rapids names Karis, who was just a high school junior, but went on the tour with us, along with her friend and mom. She's thinking about Goshen and is checking colleges out early. (her mom must have read the pamphlet to do that! Unlike us!) Anyway, she had bright red hair, a funky little outfit on and never shut up. She basically interviewed Andrew about everything. One funny part was one she asked him what he was interested in...and guess what he said? BASEBALL. Not teaching, not saving the world, but BASEBALL. Luckily, the admisssions counselors who were listening to this dialogue laughed out loud when he said that. Anyway, she kept me entertained the whole tour and although Andrew tried to act like she was wierd, he was entertained by her too.

Ok, it is now 12:56 and they didn't get seats on the noon flight so they are back on for 5:00. Lonnie just called and they were going to get something to eat and then decide if they will come back to Niles before the next flight.

I need to find my Spring Break list to see if I can cross anything else off. I did work on one of my classes--but still need to write a four page paper and keep a stress log. Stress log will be easy I would imagine!

Josh wants Pizza Hut. I did promise him Famous Daves this week sometime but that is all. Wonder what I should make for dinner?

TTFN. At least the college decision is over.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ah, Spring Break!

Happy Spring Break. I love vacations when I am not thinking about cancer. And, I am NOT thinking about cancer. So there.

I officially switched over to my happy Vera spring purse. I love the print but am not too sure of the style. Way small for me. But I had so much crap in my other one perhaps this will be good for me.

Cold today. Andrew and Jim just went off to practice so it's just Joshie and me hanging out until they get home. We are then going to take a drive down to Goshen to try to catch the second game of Goshen's double header vs. Spring Arbor. It will give Andrew a chance to see the college, see the team, and give US a chance to get out of the house. I just want to go somewhere, even if it is just Goshen, IN.

How 'bout that forecast? SNOW. I remember having a snow day at Western back in the college days on April 4. We lost all the electricity in the dorms. It was a one day crazy snowstorm. If the snow comes Monday and Tuesday like it is suppose to, I would assume Andrew's baseball game on Tuesday will be cancelled. He leaves for Florida Tuesday night with his buddies and Lonnie. How jealous can I be???? But I do have so much to do this week, plus their weather looks a bit cool for me. But still, there are a bunch of fun families down there that I would laugh with. Ah well, we can't afford it anyway.

Took Andrew to get measured for his tux today. He had no interest whatsoever to even be there. But that is off my Spring Break list so good for us. JIm and I made a spring break list and so far, we've crossed off the tux. I want to put things on there like "get up" just so I feel like I have accomplished something. Getting the patio furniture out is one thing but with snow coming, maybe we need to postpone that.

Josh was chosen as Sports Editor for the high school paper next year. And to think he threw the biggest fit about me "making" him take this class. It is now going to be his career choice and he's an awesome writer so I do sometimes know what I am talking about.

I am finishing a Lisa Gardner book right now and just purchased a new (paperback) Harlen Coben so I can't wait to start that. And no, I still have not finished Pillars of the Earth.

TTFN--happy spring, despite dumb temps!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's never easy.

Can life get any busier? But the sun is shining and life is good.

However, it is getting complicated. Andrew is going to have to tell some coaches soon about his decision. The two hardest will be the football coach at North Park and the baseball coach at Olivet. And today Uncle Danny said the Olivet football coach is really looking forward to him coming. I just checked my email and the North Park coach emailed me to give to Andrew "you are a huge part of our future plans and we really need you on the squad" It went on to say that they will work around baseball with him too if that is what it took. Andrew is at National Honor Society tonight so he has not read the email and doesn't know the Olivet coach called. This is going to be very, very hard for him. But maybe once he signs (if he does) with Goshen he at least has a good reason--and that reason is MONEY. I feel bad for the D III schools as they just can't compete with schools that can give athletic scholarships. I did tell Andrew that these schools lose recruits all the time.

Also today, Goshen sent all kind of literature about their school. They seem very similar to K-College in many ways. They have the study abroad program--80 percent of their students go for 13 weeks (either their junior or sophomore year )to a foreign country and live with a family and study. That scared Andrew when we talked about K but now that he is less worried about money, it intrigues him. Also, the brochures were cool--for as small as it is, there seems to be a lot to do there. I keep reminding him that he is sacrificing attending college football games and that type of atmosphere--I keep telling him all the negatives of a small school--just so I know he has thought this through. I also pointed out all the side burns in the photos and he just laughed. I loved his attitude when he said, "mom, church can't hurt me. You have always wanted us to choose our paths when it comes to our faith. This will be fine." Such a smart boy. I am so proud of him and think he is handling this all very well.

Josh got all A's for the marking period. Sometimes I want to smack him because he could have all A's all the time if he would JUST work at it. Andrew did fine after three weeks of my nagging to get his Teaching Academy done. He was just a few points away from an A- in AP Psych which is unheard of for him!

Haven't thought much about cancer lately. I feel I deserve that.

Sigh. Life is good but it is complicated.

Future mom of a Maple Leaf?