Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's never easy.

Can life get any busier? But the sun is shining and life is good.

However, it is getting complicated. Andrew is going to have to tell some coaches soon about his decision. The two hardest will be the football coach at North Park and the baseball coach at Olivet. And today Uncle Danny said the Olivet football coach is really looking forward to him coming. I just checked my email and the North Park coach emailed me to give to Andrew "you are a huge part of our future plans and we really need you on the squad" It went on to say that they will work around baseball with him too if that is what it took. Andrew is at National Honor Society tonight so he has not read the email and doesn't know the Olivet coach called. This is going to be very, very hard for him. But maybe once he signs (if he does) with Goshen he at least has a good reason--and that reason is MONEY. I feel bad for the D III schools as they just can't compete with schools that can give athletic scholarships. I did tell Andrew that these schools lose recruits all the time.

Also today, Goshen sent all kind of literature about their school. They seem very similar to K-College in many ways. They have the study abroad program--80 percent of their students go for 13 weeks (either their junior or sophomore year )to a foreign country and live with a family and study. That scared Andrew when we talked about K but now that he is less worried about money, it intrigues him. Also, the brochures were cool--for as small as it is, there seems to be a lot to do there. I keep reminding him that he is sacrificing attending college football games and that type of atmosphere--I keep telling him all the negatives of a small school--just so I know he has thought this through. I also pointed out all the side burns in the photos and he just laughed. I loved his attitude when he said, "mom, church can't hurt me. You have always wanted us to choose our paths when it comes to our faith. This will be fine." Such a smart boy. I am so proud of him and think he is handling this all very well.

Josh got all A's for the marking period. Sometimes I want to smack him because he could have all A's all the time if he would JUST work at it. Andrew did fine after three weeks of my nagging to get his Teaching Academy done. He was just a few points away from an A- in AP Psych which is unheard of for him!

Haven't thought much about cancer lately. I feel I deserve that.

Sigh. Life is good but it is complicated.

Future mom of a Maple Leaf?

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Ang said...

I liked the big college but that is just me. I can see what a small college offers as well.
Hope you have a great Spring Break, my parents just called and they are only a few hours away!
I'll make sure they send back the sunshine to The City of Four Flags!