Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Almost there.

I have about three minutes to type this. I am waiting for Andrew to get home from picking up his buddy Zach. Then we are heading to the South Bend airport to hopefully catch a stand by flight to Florida. The boys and the Alis are not scheduled to fly until 5 PM but Lonnie put in some calls and they are hoping to get on this flight. If not, the boys will at least check their luggage until the later flight.

Andrew has verbally committed to Goshen College. Our visit went well. He left saying that the people there are probably the nicest people on earth. I think he was sold when he met with the players for lunch. While they are probably a LOT nicer than his friends, he seemed to feel at home with them as much as you can the first time you meet someone. It was interesting to watch the dynamics as they were trying to figure each other out. At the last minute, just before meeting the coach to see the final offer, one kid, who I thought was adorable, blurted out "if you are worried about chapel, it's no big deal." And that sold Andrew. When Andrew gets back from Spring Break, he will officially "sign" his letter of intent, if that is what you call it! : )

We did meet this hilarious girl from Grand Rapids names Karis, who was just a high school junior, but went on the tour with us, along with her friend and mom. She's thinking about Goshen and is checking colleges out early. (her mom must have read the pamphlet to do that! Unlike us!) Anyway, she had bright red hair, a funky little outfit on and never shut up. She basically interviewed Andrew about everything. One funny part was one she asked him what he was interested in...and guess what he said? BASEBALL. Not teaching, not saving the world, but BASEBALL. Luckily, the admisssions counselors who were listening to this dialogue laughed out loud when he said that. Anyway, she kept me entertained the whole tour and although Andrew tried to act like she was wierd, he was entertained by her too.

Ok, it is now 12:56 and they didn't get seats on the noon flight so they are back on for 5:00. Lonnie just called and they were going to get something to eat and then decide if they will come back to Niles before the next flight.

I need to find my Spring Break list to see if I can cross anything else off. I did work on one of my classes--but still need to write a four page paper and keep a stress log. Stress log will be easy I would imagine!

Josh wants Pizza Hut. I did promise him Famous Daves this week sometime but that is all. Wonder what I should make for dinner?

TTFN. At least the college decision is over.

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