Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wind and rain

Hello. A little disappointed in the weather today. Too many storms! Cancelled games and a crazy dog are the result.

Josh still isn't home from the Coldwater tournament. Andrew just left for Kait's and Jim went to Vota's house for a cook out. I am just too tired. With the storms at night I don't get any sleep because of the dog. How ridiculous. Last night I put her down stairs and Andrew locked her in a room to leave him alone. We did better that way.

My house, since Spring Break, looks like a tornado hit it. The ping pong table is filled with thousands of pictures, uniforms, newpaper clippings, UGH. I need summer to get it all taken care of.......

Andrew bought a book yesterday called "How to Survive your Freshman Year in College." It is just a book filled with pieces of advice from college students. He is almost done and I am on Chapter 8. It is a super duper easy read and I recommend it to anyone going off to college.

It's sort of amazing how I haven't been complaining about any crazy symptoms lately, isn't it. Amazing what a clear scan will do for you. Other than being TIRED all the time, I feel great. Shade and I need to take a walk.

That's all for now. Hope all is well with the world.


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Bob Sloop said...

Hi Molly, wanted to stop by and see how you are doing. Glad to see your pain free for the most part. Things are ok here, Cyndi is heading for surgery in a few weeks to remove the expander, I know she is looking forward to it. Well take care, will check back in to read your neat post.