Monday, June 29, 2009

Fractured wrist.

Yesterday, Andrew broke his wrist. Uh oh. The knobby part of the outside of his wrist was hit by a pitch and his reaction was quite obvious that it HURT. But he finished the game and on the way home he said "I want to wait 24 hours but I think my wrist might be broken." It was slightly red and a tad swollen so I said ok, we will wait. But then about 4 hours later he put on his flip flops and said "will you take me to the emergency room?" So, yes, we did, and yes, it was. It is just a "chip fracture" and it is in a temporary cast until we see the orthopedist on Tuesday. My googling has learned that it should be 4-6 weeks in the best case scenario...and surgery in the worst. I asked for a copy of the xray to expedite the process with Dr. Balint, his ortho., and you can see the piece of bone that chipped off...right next to the ulna. It looks very minor to me but what do I know?

So, no baseball for awhile, which is ok, since we are going on vacation this coming Thursday anyway. But Jim is terrified it will some how affect fall ball at Goshen. Dr. Balint has treated Andrew two times before for sports injuries (same broken wrist during football) and a torn something in his throwing arm...) and he is fantastic, so I am not worried. Luckily, they squeezed us in tomorrow since Dr. B is leaving for vacation Wednesday as well.

Other than that, still doing laundry. Excited to get away to the UP--to read, sleep, and of course eat. : )

More later--


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer time!

A couple people asked me for the link to Goshen's website...I have given you the link to the baseball signing page....scroll down and you will see Andrew. Also, his roommate is Lucas Hucker if you want to check him out. He'e a very nice young man.

Ok, today it is Pool Day! I have told Sheryl I would be over for how many summers now? Ten probably? And today we are going! Weather is supposed to be hot hot hot so that makes it perfect. This morning I dug out the old bathing suits and although I think I may have worn it once since losing the boobie, this is definitely the first time I have worn it since reconstruction was finished. I don't think anyone will be able to tell; but fake boobie is definitely a bit smaller than the other. But it does its job--putting mounds in the suit like it should. I am one white woman so I feel bad for everyone there who I will blind..............gotta wear the sunscreen though. Days of frying are over for me.

Someone left our refrig door open all night...not happy as everything is sweating, but luckily not ruined.

I must admit that I watched Jon and Kate last night although I had sworn I was NOT going to...I am so ticked off that they didn't do counseling, or try harder, or whatever. Like it is ANY of my business...I didn't watch the first half but then Josh was watching and both Jim and I got sucked in. I will say this...I thought they were pretty candid...I just want to know WHY they didn't go to counseling, although I suspect the answer is that Jon said "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" and has no desire to save the marriage. Anyway, I doubt I will watch the show much now but maybe it could be a story of how to be good parents who are divorced. Yes, I am giving this way too much blog time.

Not much else here. A new sister on the ACC/breast site from Germany is now telling us that the doctors in Germany INSIST that chemo is a must with ACC/breast. Starts to make you second guess everything. Hmm. It never ends.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Parent advice


If you are a parent, please read this carefully:

Make your kids hang up their wet towels.

That is my piece of wisdom for today.

Now, on to other important things. Like what should we have for dinner. I am sort of into making pasta salads these days. I may try a new recipe. Josh of course won't eat it but that isn't anything new. Both boys have games tonight--Andrew is in Decatur and Josh is home. I may not go to either of them.

I realize it is really, really hot out, but I actually feel like it is finally summer. So no complaints here.

That is all for now. AGain, follow my advice and make those kids hang up those towels. Otherwise, you will want to scream at the top of your lungs EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE.


Friday, June 19, 2009

I love a rainy

two blogs in a row. I am on a roll.

Shade is living the life of a junkie. With all these storms, she has about lost her mind so we had to give her another pill today.  WILL IT EVER BE SUMMER??

Did some thinking about Andrew's registration yesterday and I don't think I expressed how well it went.  I was so impressed with the personal service we got.  I think back to my orientation at Western and what a fiasco it was--especially when it came to choosing my classes. I remember being in the dorm room in 100 degree weather trying to even read the darn catalog.  I did ok, but after four years of being at WMU, I think I graduated with about 40 credits too many--in other words...took the WRONG classes a few times.  Many have spoken about the benefits of a small school and for Andrew, I think it should be a good start. I am not naive to think that he may not enjoy it, but he sure seems happy now.  (there was one girl there that was NOT happy she had to go there--she wanted to go to Bethel but ended up at Goshen as they have a top-rated nursing program)  Also,  and this was really strange, there was a incoming freshman there who was about 7 months pregnant.  So, I had a feeling she had to fudge a little on the whole premarital sex "agreement" that all Goshen kids have to sign.  I am NOT being judgmental...more power to her to show up and continue her education...but based on the Goshen College "community standards" it was just a surprise.  Also, while there, Andrew saw another basketball player from Portage Northern who he played against. So in actuality, there are about 5 kids there he knows from previous competition. Small world.

I really, really, really need to finish a class I have been working on for about 9 months.  Yes, we get a year to complete it but I have very little left to do so why am I procrastinating. I think that will be my goal for early next week.  

i need to go rescue Jim, who is battling Crazy Shady upstairs. I keep hearing him yell Ouch!  Dammit!  which means Shade is clawing him because she is so afraid of the thunder and lightening.  

Love to all--


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goshen registration

Today Andrew had registration at Goshen College. I must say it went quite well. He quickly figured out that there was a 60-40 ratio of girls to boys...many athletes were at this session and he actually ended up sitting by his future roommate at lunch. Very nice young man but sort of quiet. Andrew DID venture out and went to talk to other kids--I was proud of that--and ended up making some friends already who are in his dorm. His session with the academic counselor went really well; he and I had looked over some classes awhile ago and had a tentative schedule sort of figured out and the counselor was thrilled at what we had done. Although he does have an 8:00 MWF, he is done at noon and only has one class on Tuesdays. Thursdays are longer because he has that one class, plus a freshman seminar, and then a biology lab at night. But overall, it looked ok.

He took a placement test in Spanish and said he would be lucky to be allowed to take Spanish. He said it was crazy hard--but everyone agreed with him so we shall see. (I remember the same thing from my placement test--in fact, I walked out of mine!) Again, he left there excited and very happy with how nice everyone was. However, now that he is home, he is back being a grouch and complaining that we don't let him do anything...ugh. August 29 can't come fast enough right now!

I personally am excited to go shopping for his dorm room stuff. He does have bunk beds, which is sort of interesting. I am thinking he should probably be on the bottom bunk since he is 6'3" and his roomate is about 5'7"...but who knows. They both have refrigerators--but I think Andrew is going to get a microwave. The rooms are carpeted and I am still really pleased with how clean everything was/is, especially the bathrooms! Oh, also, we didn't know this, but the dorms are air conditioned! And they have their own thermostat so that is nice.

Despite his crappy attitude right now, we had a really good day.

Ok, time to hit the showers and get prepared to read my book, I am trying a new author--Lisa Unger--and so far, so good.

Much love!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Letting go.

I am going to whine a bit today so be prepared. I must say that Control Freak Molly Elizabeth Brawley is not doing well with the "letting go" of my 18 year old son...and he ain't doing too well dealing with me! I want him to be the good little boy that never questioned what we said. Advice is welcome--short of shooting him, how did you experts handle the so- called adult in your house? Curfews? Chores? Money? UGH. Really not much else to say about that but dang, I'm ready to ship him to Goshen NOW.

I am now waiting for the plumber to arrive to install a new water heater. We thought about attempting to put it in ourselves--for about 10 seconds--and then called our local plumber. I have no idea what it is going to cost, but we have water all over our basement from the leak--the thing is over 20 years old so in my research, I think we got our money's worth in terms of that. I hate when installers are here...half the time I feel like i should entertain them by watching and asking questions when I really don't care. : ) Just make sure no leaks and plenty of hot water.

On the good news side, our softball team was crowned State champs this past weekend. It was very exciting and the girls are incredible! They represented Niles so well. Also, this weekend was opening ceremonies for Sportsfest, a regional all-star Olympics or sorts. Andrew was selected to play on both the football and baseball teams. Tonight is baseball...if they win, they play again Thursday. Then Saturday is the one football game. Josh has a Niles Nuts game with Jim tonight...I will go to Andrew's game at Bethel College, although I hear the rain is coming.

Yesterday I had a six month check up appointment with Dr. Nancy in Kalamazoo. She was my surgeon if you recall.I was quite shocked when she told me I no longer needed to see her. I honestly thought I would see her forever. She said that "I graduated" and that Dr. Ansari should be doing breast exams every 6 months now instead of her. Not sure I like that, although driving to Kalamazoo was a pain. So, I guess that is a good thing.

I do not feel well today. I can't shake a queasy stomach for some reason. This has been going on for about a week, off and on.

Today we start interviews for our new assistant principal. Busy!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ah, I am remiss in my postings. Life is slowing down just a bit so here I am.

Graduation is done. High school baseball is done. I have 7 days left to get up until I am on vacation. (yes, I do have to work some in the later summer but it won't be at the crack of dawn so its not so bad)

We have finally landed on July 5 to head up north. If you are a creeper, please don't rob my house. It is armed and alarmed. : )

Andrew thinks he is Mr. Social and has no responsibilities these days. He will hate it when I am home and give him a to do list. Come to think of it, Josh seems to think the same thing.I think both have stayed up way too late so far and sleep in way too late as well. Teen-agers.

Andrew did learn about his roommate. He is from a very very tiny school of 90 boys (I think around 90 girls too) and graduated with a 4.0. That is a good sign for Andrew! He is an infielder and a pitcher for the Goshen baseball team.

Craving hot dogs on the grill. Jim is giving a baseball lesson right now. Josh is asleep on the big comfy couch and I have no clue where Andrew is. I need to put a GPS beacon in his car so i can locate him.

More later...enjoy your night.