Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Letting go.

I am going to whine a bit today so be prepared. I must say that Control Freak Molly Elizabeth Brawley is not doing well with the "letting go" of my 18 year old son...and he ain't doing too well dealing with me! I want him to be the good little boy that never questioned what we said. Advice is welcome--short of shooting him, how did you experts handle the so- called adult in your house? Curfews? Chores? Money? UGH. Really not much else to say about that but dang, I'm ready to ship him to Goshen NOW.

I am now waiting for the plumber to arrive to install a new water heater. We thought about attempting to put it in ourselves--for about 10 seconds--and then called our local plumber. I have no idea what it is going to cost, but we have water all over our basement from the leak--the thing is over 20 years old so in my research, I think we got our money's worth in terms of that. I hate when installers are here...half the time I feel like i should entertain them by watching and asking questions when I really don't care. : ) Just make sure no leaks and plenty of hot water.

On the good news side, our softball team was crowned State champs this past weekend. It was very exciting and the girls are incredible! They represented Niles so well. Also, this weekend was opening ceremonies for Sportsfest, a regional all-star Olympics or sorts. Andrew was selected to play on both the football and baseball teams. Tonight is baseball...if they win, they play again Thursday. Then Saturday is the one football game. Josh has a Niles Nuts game with Jim tonight...I will go to Andrew's game at Bethel College, although I hear the rain is coming.

Yesterday I had a six month check up appointment with Dr. Nancy in Kalamazoo. She was my surgeon if you recall.I was quite shocked when she told me I no longer needed to see her. I honestly thought I would see her forever. She said that "I graduated" and that Dr. Ansari should be doing breast exams every 6 months now instead of her. Not sure I like that, although driving to Kalamazoo was a pain. So, I guess that is a good thing.

I do not feel well today. I can't shake a queasy stomach for some reason. This has been going on for about a week, off and on.

Today we start interviews for our new assistant principal. Busy!


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