Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer time!

A couple people asked me for the link to Goshen's website...I have given you the link to the baseball signing page....scroll down and you will see Andrew. Also, his roommate is Lucas Hucker if you want to check him out. He'e a very nice young man.


Ok, today it is Pool Day! I have told Sheryl I would be over for how many summers now? Ten probably? And today we are going! Weather is supposed to be hot hot hot so that makes it perfect. This morning I dug out the old bathing suits and although I think I may have worn it once since losing the boobie, this is definitely the first time I have worn it since reconstruction was finished. I don't think anyone will be able to tell; but fake boobie is definitely a bit smaller than the other. But it does its job--putting mounds in the suit like it should. I am one white woman so I feel bad for everyone there who I will blind..............gotta wear the sunscreen though. Days of frying are over for me.

Someone left our refrig door open all night...not happy as everything is sweating, but luckily not ruined.

I must admit that I watched Jon and Kate last night although I had sworn I was NOT going to...I am so ticked off that they didn't do counseling, or try harder, or whatever. Like it is ANY of my business...I didn't watch the first half but then Josh was watching and both Jim and I got sucked in. I will say this...I thought they were pretty candid...I just want to know WHY they didn't go to counseling, although I suspect the answer is that Jon said "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" and has no desire to save the marriage. Anyway, I doubt I will watch the show much now but maybe it could be a story of how to be good parents who are divorced. Yes, I am giving this way too much blog time.

Not much else here. A new sister on the ACC/breast site from Germany is now telling us that the doctors in Germany INSIST that chemo is a must with ACC/breast. Starts to make you second guess everything. Hmm. It never ends.


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Stephanie said...

Helloooo my acc sister. My ocmputor crashed a few months ago. I am on our old computor now.It boots me out every few minutes.I would love to talk.Please call me. I have free long distance so call and I will call you back.I have so much to say but like I said, I get boots off and loose all that I have written. 8109857351 Hope all is well with you. I miss ya