Friday, June 19, 2009

I love a rainy

two blogs in a row. I am on a roll.

Shade is living the life of a junkie. With all these storms, she has about lost her mind so we had to give her another pill today.  WILL IT EVER BE SUMMER??

Did some thinking about Andrew's registration yesterday and I don't think I expressed how well it went.  I was so impressed with the personal service we got.  I think back to my orientation at Western and what a fiasco it was--especially when it came to choosing my classes. I remember being in the dorm room in 100 degree weather trying to even read the darn catalog.  I did ok, but after four years of being at WMU, I think I graduated with about 40 credits too many--in other words...took the WRONG classes a few times.  Many have spoken about the benefits of a small school and for Andrew, I think it should be a good start. I am not naive to think that he may not enjoy it, but he sure seems happy now.  (there was one girl there that was NOT happy she had to go there--she wanted to go to Bethel but ended up at Goshen as they have a top-rated nursing program)  Also,  and this was really strange, there was a incoming freshman there who was about 7 months pregnant.  So, I had a feeling she had to fudge a little on the whole premarital sex "agreement" that all Goshen kids have to sign.  I am NOT being judgmental...more power to her to show up and continue her education...but based on the Goshen College "community standards" it was just a surprise.  Also, while there, Andrew saw another basketball player from Portage Northern who he played against. So in actuality, there are about 5 kids there he knows from previous competition. Small world.

I really, really, really need to finish a class I have been working on for about 9 months.  Yes, we get a year to complete it but I have very little left to do so why am I procrastinating. I think that will be my goal for early next week.  

i need to go rescue Jim, who is battling Crazy Shady upstairs. I keep hearing him yell Ouch!  Dammit!  which means Shade is clawing him because she is so afraid of the thunder and lightening.  

Love to all--


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MadCityMike said...

We, too, have a dog that needs "meds" when there is lightening/thunder on the horizon. I feel for ya!

Great to hear that registration went well. I hope that trend continues. :)