Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Will Andrew become a Goshen Maple Leaf?

Good morning. I am waiting for Josh to get ready for school. Now that baseball has started our house is an even bigger mess than usual and I should be picking up the trail of clothes from the bathroom to all points elsewhere.

On the college scene, Andrew is now leaning towards Goshen College. He met with the coach, got a preliminary offer and since it is what we were hoping for, we are going to try to visit Monday of Spring Break. The coach was super to Andrew and it is very, very clear that they want him. I can't say money is no longer a worry because we still will need loans, but Goshen will definitely become the most affordable.

However, Andrew has to feel comfortable, so we must visit first, before he signs.

Off to school (and work) we go...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

K College

Good Tuesday to you all. Such a windy day. Ruins the 65 degree temps. But I now have our bedroom window open at night and love the cool night air.

Andrew got the big fat envelope from K-College yesterday; yes, he was accepted and got quite a nice "scholarship" but not in an amount big enough for us to afford. (K is over $40 grand year) However, he did say, "maybe i should go visit again." as his acceptance gave him more confidence. What a great admissions process they have. It took them awhile but they make you feel like they KNOW you, that is for sure.

The Goshen coach is coming to see Andrew again so his lack of hitting well must not have scared them off. I think he is coming Friday. First game is Thursday for both boys. Andrew is home against Buchanan and Josh is away. Not sure how we will do. I would imagine everyone is rusty!

Friday night is the Project Graduation Fish Fry for NHS. Crazy Mil and Crazy Fil are fryin' up some blue gills...down at the Eagles. $7 all you can eat. I sound sort of like a hick right now.

What else. Not much. Ta ta from the one ta ta woman.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

DFP for ACC! Tears of joy for MEB!!!!

I am sooo happy to report that the Drug Free Players organization at Niles High School has just cut a check for $1000 to the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation!!! I can't tell you how that makes me feel. They raised the money back in the fall during the high school's breast cancer awareness festivities and after trying for months to figure out who to donate to--that had a local flavor--they settled on the ACCRF. I spoke at length with Karissa Y., the adviser, about this organization and she decided that although it is not just research for breast cancer, it obviously has a local connection. The thing about ACC is that no major cancer organization (American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute) donates any money for research for this type of cancer. ACC is just too rare. So off she sent the check to the foundation, which I think is located in Virginia. You may remember me emailing their lead researcher when I was first diagnosed--and he emailed me back within a day. Also, Dr. Wolf at U of M said doctors are more and more intrigued with this type of cancer because of its unique characteristics. (slow growth, but very lethal if it comes back) This is the same group I sent my blog check too.

Thanks for clicking as always. I am making about $1 a day with your clicks. Amazing. But you know, there is money in advertising. Have you noticed that the ads change based on what I write? Must be computerized system that picks up key words. Who cares, it makes money and for that, I love you!

Andrew's scouting practice yesterday did not go as well as we hoped--at least in Jim's eyes. Jim said he bobbled two at short, and hit ok, but not as well as he could. So who knows. For me, it was disappointing, but sort of a relief. I am still scared of the "fit" for Andrew. Olivet just makes ME more comfortable. Andrew, however, felt ok about it, but wishes he had hit better.

Is anyone else having a ladybug problem? This happens just about every spring at our house. In the southeast corner, ladybugs SWARM inside. By swarm I mean gather on any sunny spot. In our upstairs bathroom, there has to be 50 (ok, maybe 20) of them living in one corner. Jim will vacuum them up, let them go outside, and sure enough, they are back, or at least their relatives are, by the next night. If it is not sunny, they don't come out. I guess they are in the wood of the house--yes, our house is over 120 years old, so that is a lot of lady bugs. Last night one was crawling on my arm while I was reading in bed. I kn0w they don't harm anything, but it creeps me out!

I still love the sunshine, ladybugs or not.

Again, save the date for Andrew's graduation Open House--May 24!



Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just real quick--since my last post, you all clicked enough to earn $13 on my website. How easy is that? In case you are wondering, I can't click on my own ads. I am just shocked how much we earned!

Gotta love it.


Where is the time going?

Yup, I got a new purse. You knew it was coming didn't you? Got me a new Vera Bradley. It's not long strapped so I may have to get used to that, but I love the new flowery pattern. Don't even know what it is called. I have not switched out of my winter purse yet. But I can't wait. I love 6 month "all clears". Just an excuse to go shopping.

Today the boys' new cleats arrived in the mail. You should see Josh's. They are sort of a royal blue and they look like something Shaquille O'Neal would wear. They are HUGE. I can't imagine that they will fit Josh's foot--he IS a size 14 but these suckers are monstorous! Andrew's are a respectable size 12.

Tomorrow the Goshen coach is coming to scout Andrew. Jim is more nervous than Andrew. This NAIA school stuff is all new to us. I thought only D I and D II schools could give money for athletics--how nice to see that isn't the case. We have pretty much eliminated North Park as their financial aide was much less than Olivet's. The football coach called Andrew and said that he wasn't going to give up just yet--and that Andrew should expect to hear from them again. So the next night the financial aide office called and wanted to go over what Olivet offered. Interesting. I should have said a "full ride". The lady didn't make any changes but said she would get back with us if anything did change. So, we are getting closer to Olivet being it...but now Jim is questioning whether Andrew should play football there. Jim is so fickle. He was all over that football stuff in the fall when they came calling! But now it is baseball season. I say Andrew tries BOTH and then decides. I hate to close any doors but realize he will miss fall baseball and that may hurt him for the Spring. We will have to wait and see. And who knows if Goshen will mix things up a bit. Andrew is now trying to grow side burns to fit in there. (HA--God don't strike me dead)

I am amazed that we are already to March 20. Where is this time going? There are days when I can't wait for my kids to be grown, but then I start to get sad. Today I observed a class that Andrew was in --Creative Writing--and he actually wrote something very funny. (they have to read aloud) I think he was hoping I would leave the class before it was his turn but I stayed just for that. His paper was titled "Someone Stole My Dr. Pepper." It was a hoot. He hardly acknowledged I was there. In comparison, if I ever observe Josh's class, he practically sits in my lap he is so happy to see me. I have raised Oil and Vinegar that is for sure.

Must go now. The furry daughter is yet again demanding me to let her in the house.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clean and CLICK!!!!

Cleaning is the word of the day. And spending $200 at Walmart. I must have bought $40 worth of food an $160 worth of cleaning supplies. I bought myself a fancy dancy Swiffer sweeper thingy. I was tired of getting down on my knees to clean in small places. It worked like a charm.

I can't describe how the sunshine makes me feel.

Jim took the boys up to take ground balls. All is well with our world.

Spaghetti for dinner tonight. I should be making the sauce but have been internet surfing.

I sent my first check to the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Foundation. That money came from YOU all clicking on my ads in the upper right corner of this blog. How amazing is that? Free money is the way I look at it. I am so proud to send it to the ACCF. It won't cure cancer but it MIGHT.

So click away some more, people!

Happy day to you all!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

A wonderful Saturday with no worries. First in awhile.

Wow, what a glorious day. Jim and I drove down to Goshen College to check it out. The baseball coach called Andrew last week and because it is an NAIA school, he can give athletic scholarships, along with merit scholarships. That would have to be the case as it costs $30 grand to go there. We knew NOTHING about the college but it looked good on the internet, offers Andrew's program, and is fairly close, so off we went. I was pleased with how it looks; it is VERY small but kids were out playing frisbee, running, etc. The baseball team was also playing so Jim went and introduced himself during warmups and the coach was (I am sure) surprised to see him. Goofball Andrew was NOT with us, just wants to visit it once. So, we have to set up a date for that. One majorly interesting thing about the college is it is Mennonite. Whatever that means! I told Jim that they don't allow cars on campus but do allow horse and buggies. I think I will probably be struck dead by God himself for that comment. (God has a sense of humor doesn't he????)

Ironically, about 6 months ago we saw a restaurant on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives and it was about 2 minutes from the college. It is called the South Side Diner so we went in just to check it out. I had a brownie sundae, and Jim had a clam roll. It was definitely a "diner" but we could tell the food was good. We saw the owner who was a big feature on Guy's show.

So, baseball has started and Jim is in his glory. So are the boys too. Scary this is Andrew's last season as a Viking. The boys had practice this morning at 7 a.m.

What else. I spoke with Valerie in California who is a ACC/breast survivor who had a recurrence a few months ago. She is doing fine and is coming up to her six month check up since the recurrence. She is having an MRI.

I'm thinking about calling Dr. Ansari's office to get copies of the PET/CT report. I like to have those to read. I don't think I saw the CT report--in the past, it has been the same report, but the report Dr. A showed me on his computer just referred to the glucose levels (sugar water) and said that there was no uptake. I also want reassurances about masses.

I am still somewhat skeptical that nothing showed in my neck area. My ear and throat areas are always in pain. I wonder if it is my wisdom teeth? Maybe I WILL have to have those suckers out.

My chest achiness is still there. It must just be muscles stretching or something.

But overall, I can't wait to buy my new purse! I may even get two.

Thanks for all of your "ears" and prayers!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

All clear.

My scans were all clear. I have very little time to post but wanted to get it in writing! Dr. Ansari showed me the report and there was no evidence of uptake anywhere...wahoo. The report also used words like meticulus about the screening and scanning, especially in my neck area.

Mammo in a year...chest x-ray and blood work in 6 months.

Off to Lansing tonight to watch the Lady Vikes BEAT East Lansing!!!! (fingers crossed)

Enjoy your night--I know I will!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

The waiting begins.

Believe it or not, I am not freaking about this PET/CT scan results yet. It was miserable though--at first, I was so proud of myself for not needing any drugs to get through it, but then I was starting to hold my breath and hyperventilate trying to lay still--so I was a bundle of nerves when it was over. Try laying on your back in a small tube with your arms over your shoulders for a 1/2 hour. It was torture towards the end. They first scanned my whole body--from my eyebrows to my mid thigh--but then he did a second scan of my neck and ear area. That was pre-planned from Dr. Wolf wanting the closer look at the area of the schwannoma (and of course that is where ACC normally grows). I will not be one bit surprised if they find something there based on the overall pain I have in that ear/neck. I am not saying its cancer, but it has to be something. Still worried about burning boob area but at least I will know.

Mammo on Monday. First mammo on bad breast side. I hope they don't pop my implant!

Niles is winning lots of basketball lately. Our girls were just crowned District Champs--and the boys beat a team that had previously killed them. It was Andrew's Senior Night so it was a great night. Monday he plays in the first district game--we have not won a district game in 4-5 years so it would be great if we could. If not, Andrew's basketball career is over and baseball begins.

Josh went on a Youth Retreat last night and sprained his wrist. We had it xrayed and the ER doctor said that he has "6 to 8 inches of growth left". Does that make any sense??????????????? That was looking at his wrist. He will have monkey arms if the rest doesn't grow with him. I don't know much about growth plates but that is what the DR said.

Had to drug Shade for the storms this morning. She got me up hours before I wanted to.

I will keep you posted. Prayers for a clean report would be greatly appreciated.