Tuesday, March 24, 2009

K College

Good Tuesday to you all. Such a windy day. Ruins the 65 degree temps. But I now have our bedroom window open at night and love the cool night air.

Andrew got the big fat envelope from K-College yesterday; yes, he was accepted and got quite a nice "scholarship" but not in an amount big enough for us to afford. (K is over $40 grand year) However, he did say, "maybe i should go visit again." as his acceptance gave him more confidence. What a great admissions process they have. It took them awhile but they make you feel like they KNOW you, that is for sure.

The Goshen coach is coming to see Andrew again so his lack of hitting well must not have scared them off. I think he is coming Friday. First game is Thursday for both boys. Andrew is home against Buchanan and Josh is away. Not sure how we will do. I would imagine everyone is rusty!

Friday night is the Project Graduation Fish Fry for NHS. Crazy Mil and Crazy Fil are fryin' up some blue gills...down at the Eagles. $7 all you can eat. I sound sort of like a hick right now.

What else. Not much. Ta ta from the one ta ta woman.


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Cyndi Sloop said...


That's great that your son was accepted at K College. Wow, the cost to attend college. . .hard to imagine how anyone can afford it!

Isn't it great that the weather is warming up and we can open windows and doors now and then. Our temps were around 74 today. I LOVE IT!

Take Care,