Saturday, March 21, 2009

DFP for ACC! Tears of joy for MEB!!!!

I am sooo happy to report that the Drug Free Players organization at Niles High School has just cut a check for $1000 to the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation!!! I can't tell you how that makes me feel. They raised the money back in the fall during the high school's breast cancer awareness festivities and after trying for months to figure out who to donate to--that had a local flavor--they settled on the ACCRF. I spoke at length with Karissa Y., the adviser, about this organization and she decided that although it is not just research for breast cancer, it obviously has a local connection. The thing about ACC is that no major cancer organization (American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute) donates any money for research for this type of cancer. ACC is just too rare. So off she sent the check to the foundation, which I think is located in Virginia. You may remember me emailing their lead researcher when I was first diagnosed--and he emailed me back within a day. Also, Dr. Wolf at U of M said doctors are more and more intrigued with this type of cancer because of its unique characteristics. (slow growth, but very lethal if it comes back) This is the same group I sent my blog check too.

Thanks for clicking as always. I am making about $1 a day with your clicks. Amazing. But you know, there is money in advertising. Have you noticed that the ads change based on what I write? Must be computerized system that picks up key words. Who cares, it makes money and for that, I love you!

Andrew's scouting practice yesterday did not go as well as we hoped--at least in Jim's eyes. Jim said he bobbled two at short, and hit ok, but not as well as he could. So who knows. For me, it was disappointing, but sort of a relief. I am still scared of the "fit" for Andrew. Olivet just makes ME more comfortable. Andrew, however, felt ok about it, but wishes he had hit better.

Is anyone else having a ladybug problem? This happens just about every spring at our house. In the southeast corner, ladybugs SWARM inside. By swarm I mean gather on any sunny spot. In our upstairs bathroom, there has to be 50 (ok, maybe 20) of them living in one corner. Jim will vacuum them up, let them go outside, and sure enough, they are back, or at least their relatives are, by the next night. If it is not sunny, they don't come out. I guess they are in the wood of the house--yes, our house is over 120 years old, so that is a lot of lady bugs. Last night one was crawling on my arm while I was reading in bed. I kn0w they don't harm anything, but it creeps me out!

I still love the sunshine, ladybugs or not.

Again, save the date for Andrew's graduation Open House--May 24!




Ang said...

we have the same problem with love bugs here in florida.
Is that Karissa Fuller you were talking about earlier, if so let her know Angie Hartsell sends her best, we were freinds at Ballard.

Karen/wowmom2 said...

We have the bugs here in Missouri too. They look like ladybugs but are actually japanese beetles. Also, they will sting you!