Thursday, March 12, 2009

All clear.

My scans were all clear. I have very little time to post but wanted to get it in writing! Dr. Ansari showed me the report and there was no evidence of uptake anywhere...wahoo. The report also used words like meticulus about the screening and scanning, especially in my neck area.

Mammo in a year...chest x-ray and blood work in 6 months.

Off to Lansing tonight to watch the Lady Vikes BEAT East Lansing!!!! (fingers crossed)

Enjoy your night--I know I will!



Karen/wowmom2 said...

I am so happy for you! I thought about you several times today and was hoping for good results.

Holly said...

very excellent news!! :-)

Bob Sloop said...

Molly, This is great news. I am as everyone here on your site, so darn happy for you.

Cyndi Sloop said...


Glad to hear the your results came back good. I'm sure that's a relief for you. Bob and I are going to a local winery today. We'll toast "Excellent News for Molly!"