Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where is the time going?

Yup, I got a new purse. You knew it was coming didn't you? Got me a new Vera Bradley. It's not long strapped so I may have to get used to that, but I love the new flowery pattern. Don't even know what it is called. I have not switched out of my winter purse yet. But I can't wait. I love 6 month "all clears". Just an excuse to go shopping.

Today the boys' new cleats arrived in the mail. You should see Josh's. They are sort of a royal blue and they look like something Shaquille O'Neal would wear. They are HUGE. I can't imagine that they will fit Josh's foot--he IS a size 14 but these suckers are monstorous! Andrew's are a respectable size 12.

Tomorrow the Goshen coach is coming to scout Andrew. Jim is more nervous than Andrew. This NAIA school stuff is all new to us. I thought only D I and D II schools could give money for athletics--how nice to see that isn't the case. We have pretty much eliminated North Park as their financial aide was much less than Olivet's. The football coach called Andrew and said that he wasn't going to give up just yet--and that Andrew should expect to hear from them again. So the next night the financial aide office called and wanted to go over what Olivet offered. Interesting. I should have said a "full ride". The lady didn't make any changes but said she would get back with us if anything did change. So, we are getting closer to Olivet being it...but now Jim is questioning whether Andrew should play football there. Jim is so fickle. He was all over that football stuff in the fall when they came calling! But now it is baseball season. I say Andrew tries BOTH and then decides. I hate to close any doors but realize he will miss fall baseball and that may hurt him for the Spring. We will have to wait and see. And who knows if Goshen will mix things up a bit. Andrew is now trying to grow side burns to fit in there. (HA--God don't strike me dead)

I am amazed that we are already to March 20. Where is this time going? There are days when I can't wait for my kids to be grown, but then I start to get sad. Today I observed a class that Andrew was in --Creative Writing--and he actually wrote something very funny. (they have to read aloud) I think he was hoping I would leave the class before it was his turn but I stayed just for that. His paper was titled "Someone Stole My Dr. Pepper." It was a hoot. He hardly acknowledged I was there. In comparison, if I ever observe Josh's class, he practically sits in my lap he is so happy to see me. I have raised Oil and Vinegar that is for sure.

Must go now. The furry daughter is yet again demanding me to let her in the house.


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