Saturday, March 14, 2009

A wonderful Saturday with no worries. First in awhile.

Wow, what a glorious day. Jim and I drove down to Goshen College to check it out. The baseball coach called Andrew last week and because it is an NAIA school, he can give athletic scholarships, along with merit scholarships. That would have to be the case as it costs $30 grand to go there. We knew NOTHING about the college but it looked good on the internet, offers Andrew's program, and is fairly close, so off we went. I was pleased with how it looks; it is VERY small but kids were out playing frisbee, running, etc. The baseball team was also playing so Jim went and introduced himself during warmups and the coach was (I am sure) surprised to see him. Goofball Andrew was NOT with us, just wants to visit it once. So, we have to set up a date for that. One majorly interesting thing about the college is it is Mennonite. Whatever that means! I told Jim that they don't allow cars on campus but do allow horse and buggies. I think I will probably be struck dead by God himself for that comment. (God has a sense of humor doesn't he????)

Ironically, about 6 months ago we saw a restaurant on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives and it was about 2 minutes from the college. It is called the South Side Diner so we went in just to check it out. I had a brownie sundae, and Jim had a clam roll. It was definitely a "diner" but we could tell the food was good. We saw the owner who was a big feature on Guy's show.

So, baseball has started and Jim is in his glory. So are the boys too. Scary this is Andrew's last season as a Viking. The boys had practice this morning at 7 a.m.

What else. I spoke with Valerie in California who is a ACC/breast survivor who had a recurrence a few months ago. She is doing fine and is coming up to her six month check up since the recurrence. She is having an MRI.

I'm thinking about calling Dr. Ansari's office to get copies of the PET/CT report. I like to have those to read. I don't think I saw the CT report--in the past, it has been the same report, but the report Dr. A showed me on his computer just referred to the glucose levels (sugar water) and said that there was no uptake. I also want reassurances about masses.

I am still somewhat skeptical that nothing showed in my neck area. My ear and throat areas are always in pain. I wonder if it is my wisdom teeth? Maybe I WILL have to have those suckers out.

My chest achiness is still there. It must just be muscles stretching or something.

But overall, I can't wait to buy my new purse! I may even get two.

Thanks for all of your "ears" and prayers!


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Debbie and April said...

Happy for you Molly:) Troy "graduated" to every 3 months Dr and chest XR and blood work. So far so good!
Baseball is in full swing at our house also...the boys are happy.

Take Care,