Saturday, March 7, 2009

The waiting begins.

Believe it or not, I am not freaking about this PET/CT scan results yet. It was miserable though--at first, I was so proud of myself for not needing any drugs to get through it, but then I was starting to hold my breath and hyperventilate trying to lay still--so I was a bundle of nerves when it was over. Try laying on your back in a small tube with your arms over your shoulders for a 1/2 hour. It was torture towards the end. They first scanned my whole body--from my eyebrows to my mid thigh--but then he did a second scan of my neck and ear area. That was pre-planned from Dr. Wolf wanting the closer look at the area of the schwannoma (and of course that is where ACC normally grows). I will not be one bit surprised if they find something there based on the overall pain I have in that ear/neck. I am not saying its cancer, but it has to be something. Still worried about burning boob area but at least I will know.

Mammo on Monday. First mammo on bad breast side. I hope they don't pop my implant!

Niles is winning lots of basketball lately. Our girls were just crowned District Champs--and the boys beat a team that had previously killed them. It was Andrew's Senior Night so it was a great night. Monday he plays in the first district game--we have not won a district game in 4-5 years so it would be great if we could. If not, Andrew's basketball career is over and baseball begins.

Josh went on a Youth Retreat last night and sprained his wrist. We had it xrayed and the ER doctor said that he has "6 to 8 inches of growth left". Does that make any sense??????????????? That was looking at his wrist. He will have monkey arms if the rest doesn't grow with him. I don't know much about growth plates but that is what the DR said.

Had to drug Shade for the storms this morning. She got me up hours before I wanted to.

I will keep you posted. Prayers for a clean report would be greatly appreciated.



Cyndi Sloop said...


We will think "Happy Thoughts" and prayers that your scan comes back "clear." We'll keep those same happy thoughts going for your mammo on Monday and its results.

Take Care,

Debbie said...

Miss Molly

You are definitely in my prayers. I am praying that nothing will show up on your scans and mammo.

Think positive, worry never solves anything. Have a good week.

Ang said...

prayers from Tampa, Fl

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you too!