Saturday, February 28, 2009

My college boy

Yes, I must admit I had major anxiety dropping Andrew off at North Park yesterday. He took his little overnight bag (ok, a Nike bag) into the Rec center and I was distraught. Being the control freak that I am, I wanted him to call me at every stage of the game, but we didn't hear from him until noon this morning.

So, as of now, Olivet is still his first choice. He had a great time but isn't ready to give up baseball yet and he feels he would have to do that to go to North Park because football is very serious business there. He really liked all the players--although he said one was sort of rude to him--the kid is the current backup quarterback to Shelby Wood (a Berrien Springs grad). Andrew said "I honestly think he was intimidated by me!" Anyway, he still really likes the coaches and thinks that he would definitely be able to play in a year...he couldn't work out with the team last's against NCAA rules...but he did get to throw a football around with some other recruits and he got to watch the team in action. Ironically, other than the linemen, he was one of the taller ones there.

What else. The Olivet visit went very well too. We spent a ton of time with the baseball coach who told Andrew that he really wanted him as he has room for infielders right now. One of the football coaches stopped by too so that was nice. We also met with the admissions people and we now know where we stand financially. Andrew will get some merit aid, which is wonderful, but it only covers about 25 percent of what he needs, so that means he will have to take a loan out, AND we will have to pay quite a bit as well. (which means we will have to take loans out too.) But, it does seem like we are getting closer to a decision. Andrew wants to wait to see what North Park offers him, and today he got some more scholarship offers from Central, so if they offer enough to get him even lower than going to Olivet, you never know, he could end up there. But I doubt it. He really wants to play sports.

Jim and I found a great deal on a hotel in Skokie--it was a Hampton Inn--and for just over $100 we got a HUGE room with a full kitchen, separate bedroom, two flat screen TV's--a free in room movie, and a $25 gift card to Ruby Tuesdays, which was the hotel's restaurant, plus a hot breakfast! I felt like I was the shopper of the century. We even said that we were going to MAKE Andrew go to North Park because we liked the hotel so much and would stay there for game days. The Illinois State High School Diving Championships were near by so we had a bunch of bald header divers all over the place but it really was quiet anyway. Josh stayed home with a friend.

PET/CT scan this Friday, mammo on Monday, and Dr. Ansari on Thursday. I am trying NOT to think about it AT ALL.


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Cyndi Sloop said...


WOW it was another busy weekend visiting colleges for all of you! I'm sure it will be a relief when you know where your son will be going and have that plan we all want for future planning.

Also sounds like you will have a busy week visiting various doctors and testing facilities. Maybe your doctor can give you some answers about "burning boob/chest."

Have a good week and hope everything goes well for you.