Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Implants and Tribal Wars

According to the Michigan State Website, a decision has been made on Andrew Brawley's acceptance. It was mailed yesterday. Do you know how upset I will be if he doesn't get in? His ACT, class rank, high school curriculum and overall gpa, are higher than those that have already been admitted. The funny thing is, he is NOT going to go there but I am being grumpy about it. I will keep you posted if any of you care about the MSU saga. : )

Tomorrow is implant check up with Dr. Messinger. I think it will be my last appointment for at least a year. I pray that is the case. I keep having these fears that they will have to take the implant out after my scans in March because I have chest cancer.

I have not written much about my chest/boob pains lately because, yes, it subsided for about a week. But now it is back again. Not as severe but it is that burning feeling. So now my mind thinks that when it hurts, the cancer is growing. Amazing how the mind works. Most ACC is NOT painful unless it gets in your nerves. The exception of course is some breast ACC tumors that are painful for no reason. And remember, my tumor was really painful. I pray that there was not nerve invasion--no one ever told me--nerve invasion means it travels much more easily. ACC lesson of the day--most cancers spread through the lymph systems. ACC and ACC breast rarely do, but do travel along nerve paths. Just in case you were up late wondering.

So as you see, cancer still weighs on my mind.

Ava Christine's great grandmother Leona Weaver, who has been like a mother to Jamie and Heather is very very ill. They expect her to pass any moment. Say a prayer for peace for them and that Leona gets to hold our precious Ava when she gets to heaven.

Andrew is still being recruited heavily by North Park and -K-College. North Park especially, which make Andrew like them even more. The quarterback coach called last night and they talked for quite awhile; when Andrew goes for his overnight, the team will be having Tribal Warfares, which are Survivor like events for the team--it's a competition. We aren't sure if Andrew can legally participate but he hopes so. The coach also asked Andrew if he had made up his mind yet and Andrew said no. The coach then asked what will determine it, and Andrew said "money." Glad he said that! : ) Andrew also has his visit with the Olivet baseball coach.

I was whining about our "expected family contribution" to Andrew's education the other night and still am in shock by it. Andrew is already working on scholarships applications. I hate this!

What else? Jim is making my favorite home made potato chips.

Joshie B is sleeping on the big red comfy couch--par for the course.

Off I go. GLad to be home for the night. Loy Norrix for a game tomorrow night and then Friday the girls play Benton Harbor.

HEY!! Also, don't forget to buy your tickets for the Project Graduation dance (adults only) We are all going to try to go. I may have to go in my pajamas as I turn into Pajama Queen on weekends but I do want to go!




Ang said...

I wil pray for Jaime. We have become close over the past year or so and my heart is so sad to hear that she is going through another loss.
sidebar ~ we are going on day six with no accidents from the new puppy!

Ang said...

forgot to vote for MSU, for Andrew. Great school and he will really enjoy himself and get a great college experience! Tip: reserve Akers for the dorm