Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ah, the weekend.

Burning boob is back, just in case you are wondering. Two weeks to Dr. Ansari. Scares me.

Grumpy Andrew is not 100 percent yet, but is at least vertical. Today we have to take up some old lockers we have in our garage to the high school. They will be props in the upcoming high school production of GREASE. Andrew is thinking that if he were IN the musical he could understand why he had to help but since he isn't, he shouldn't have to help load them up. What logic. Of course he is helping, but not until I told him my implant might burst if I lift anything too heavy.

Josh, again, is at Riley's.

Tonight is the Winter Bash, a dance to raise money for Project Graduation. Can't wait to get my groove on. (ok, you know I am kidding) I am going to stand at the bar and drink Bloody Mary's all night long. (ok, you know I am kidding again.)

Tuesday is another visit to Olivet. We are meeting with the baseball coach. We have not heard from the football coach lately which is somewhat of a concern. K-College is really the only one that is actively pursuing him for both baseball and football. Olivet says they are, as does North Park, but we haven't heard from the North Park baseball coach in awhile nor the Olivet football coach. Supposedly, we are to receive our financial aide packages from both NP and Olivet in early March.

We have this new channel on our Direct TV called MLB, for Major League Baseball. I am now beating my head up against the wall watching games from 1977. Jim is in his glory.

'Bout it for this blustery Saturday. I think we are going to go look at new cell phones for the boys--why, I couldn't tell you--except to get them to quit complaining how cheap their phones are and that they don't work.

Can you say SPOILED????