Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strep. : (

Just a quick blog...

Andrew is home with strep. Hopefully, he will feel well enough to go back to school tomorrow. Doc says he will be ok then (kept him home for two days). It has been so long since my kids have been on antibiotics...he just has three pills, albeit BIG pills, to take. What happened to the days of spoonfuls of pink bubble gum flavored liquid? Waiting for the rest of us to come down with it but knocking on wood it won't happen.

On the good news side, got both boy's ACT scores back and Andrew went up again and Josh is just one point below him--don't think Josh didn't mention that! Also, Josh's reading scores could get him into Michigan so he is super excited he is in that range at this point! I am very proud of Andrew for taking advantage of the test. Although he has gotten in everywhere so far (still no word from K), the higher ACT will help with scholarships.

The North Park coach called again...told Andrew that he doubted he would play his freshman year, but saw him playing his sophomore year. Not sure how we feel about that. I don't think a coach should promise ANYTHING based on a DVD and some stats.

That's about it.


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Cyndi Sloop said...

Sorry to hear that your son is home sick with strep, not fun!!!

Congrats to both the boys their ACT scores.

Hope that you are doing well and staying healthy.