Monday, February 2, 2009

A night in.

I forgot that yesterday was my two year anniversary of finding my painful lump. Must've been caught up in that Super Bowl game. We always watch the first half at Jim's parents--when we came home, I went upstairs to read and ended up getting sucked back into the game. I had no desired outcome, but as the clock ticked off I was getting nervous for both teams. It was a really good game.

Anyway. Andrew plans to do two more visits to Olivet and North Park. Both will be the last week of February and while Olivet will be to meet with the baseball coach for the day, North Park will be an overnight visit. (yippee! Another Chicago trip for me!) The NP coached seemed a bit worried about Andrew playing both baseball and football there--it was a rather vague email so that is something Andrew will have to figure out. Jim's philosophy is that if he can get the same amount of money for baseball, why play both? But I think Andrew really wants to try football. I just am not sure if he will want to put in the time to possibly not play for two years, if ever. Again, another issue for Andrew to resolve.

We still can't get our FAFSA filled out because Jim lost his coaching W-2's so we have to wait for them to be faxed to me at work. Silly Nimmee--he threw them out we think. Although we know we won't qualify for much if any aid, these private schools have to have the FAFSA to figure out how much they need to give you. Jim and I have always said that if Andrew has to take loans out, he will have to do that. I had loans and although Jim's parents paid for his education, we both feel we will help as much as we can but loans are a good possibility.

I still don't know what to think about this pain in my chest muscle. I know I am beating a dead horse right now by still talking about it since I have made no move to resolve it, but it is so intermittent and unpredictable! And I really think it has been so long it just is part of my day. I will say the god awful heartburn is gone for the most part.

Homecoming week this week. Both boys are up at school playing Powderpuff Volleyball. Andrew asked me three times to go (which is amazing in itself) but tonight is the only night I will be home this week so I decided to stay in. Tomorrow night we travel to Portage Northern and then Wednesday Jim and I both have to work the concession stand for the wrestling match.

I am totally going on about nothing so instead, I think I will go do some more laundry. Thank goodness for caller ID--the Marines are calling!

Love to all--



Cyndi Sloop said...


Glad to hear you're getting a night in. We all need to have a chance to relax. You do get to relax, right? It's been three years since my youngest moved out and life has slowed down a lot in regards to always having to run somewhere for something.


Ang said...

Just got a yellow lab puppy, too cute. Bellzie named him Charlie.
Angie Plude