Sunday, February 8, 2009

Expanders HURT

Hello. My poor Cyndi is experiencing post-mastectomy pain from that damned expander. Remember me wanting to rip the thing out? There were nights it didn't seem worth it, but now, when I look at that scarred football shaped beauty I say "WOW, thanks cancer for giving me this thing. " Yes, I am being sarcastic, because no matter how we try to sugar coat it, this fake boob still represents cancer. And cancer sucks.

On a more positive note, we won our homecoming game Friday night and I must say it was one of the most amazing games I have ever watched. The team we played was 10-2, and we were 2-11, so no one expected us to win. But we led the whole way and basically played out of our minds. Andrew played well--he's really rebounding well--still can't make a basket to save his soul--but that really isn't his job--and never has been. Regardless, our student sections was fabulous--without them, we never would have won the game. As you can see in this picture, the kids were pretty excited and ran onto the court. I was just a proud mom in the stands. : ) We now have to get the kids to come out for the girl's game Friday night vs. Benton Harbor.

The Kalamazoo College baseball coach called for Andrew this weekend. Still no word from them on an acceptance, but we did learn that he got into North Park. Still no word from the Spartans in East Lansing. Figures. Andrew took the ACT for the third time this weekend to try to up his score as we are finding the higher the ACT, the more $$$ he gets from both North Park and Olivet. I did our FAFSA this weekend and became very depressed as to how much they expect the family to contribute. It's basically 2/3 of Jim's salary. We do not have that kind of money. How in the heck do people pay for college? What really worries me is that Andrew may not even qualify for his own loans--WE (mom and dad) may have to take out the Parent Plus loans. Wow.
Of course we feel guilty for not having saved enough. Those many years of baseball travel leagues were fun, but perhaps they should have been going into college funds.

Josh took the ACT this weekend and actually liked doing it. He is very anxious for his scores. I wouldn't be surprised if he beat Andrew in some areas--like the English and reading sections. Andrew thought the math was harder this time.

Went to book a hotel room for Chicago for Andrew's overnight and the room rate went up $100 from the last time we went. Crazy. I am hoping to get a better rate later in the month, closer to the date.

For the first time since 8th grade, we are letting Andrew go on Spring Break. He will be going with his buddies and Lonnie--and won't be going until AFTER his spring break baseball game. Jim is being a poop about it--thinks he needs to stay home and live in the batting cage--but Andrew was adament about wanting to go, and afterall, it will only be 4 days when all is said and done.

Andrew needs the computer for some reason so off I go. Chicken Enchiladas for dinner.


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Cyndi Sloop said...

Hey Molly,

Yeah cancer sucks! When one finds out, there's just so many things that take place. Most of us try to learn more about the cancer we have, what choices we have, who we're going to work with and proceed in a healing directions. All while we try to carry on with the day to day realities of life. Not always so easy to do.

I will check into the possibility of muscle relaxers. I wondered about that anyway, knowing that this expander is under the chest muscle. Yes, I do have some fluid in the expander already. And I agree, I did not want anything added to this until it calmed down. Fortunately, I have not had anything done to my left side, so at least it's not hurting.

I hope you're able to get a better price on that hotel in Chicago. Your sons are fortunate that you are able to contribute towards their college. (I was never in a position to do that for my daughters.) I don't know how people afford college these days. Hope this week is a good one for you, take care.