Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!

Avoiding...well...everything right now. Ginger has been coming all week--cleaning my house, doing my laundry, you name it. Yes, you read that right. She goes to all of our homes (of her sons) and helps out. CAN YOU SAY MOTHER IN LAW OF THE CENTURY???? Anyway, she cleaned my laundry room so I have to keep up with the laundry or her efforts are wasted. And John, my FIL, matched all our socks!!!! Andrew's college crap is all over our house. A friend of mine has a nice little binder of her son's letters--and then there's me, whose binder is any flat surface available.

Andrew is sick--coughing, headache, sore throat. I sure hope this will pass. Josh is tired from spending the night at a friend's house but is at least upright. Andrew continues to sleep while we watch old movies on TV.

Did a little research into student loans today and am feeling somewhat better that Andrew will at least have THAT option. I hate to saddle him with loans but that is how I got through school. He also did one scholarship app today (well, sort of. He at least knows what he has to write)

Still looking for a good hotel rate for Chicago. We want to go back to the Hyatt Regency again but the rates had gone up $100 a night. Now they are only up $80--leading me to believe that they will continue to go down the closer we get to the arrival date. If we were going next Friday the rate is only $99 which is amazing for this hotel. I am getting smarter in my old age. I am looking forward to going again, but will be sad Andrew will be staying at the college. But we will have Joshie to entertain us. My boss told me of a good restaurant to check out--last time we checked out Manny's and had fun. I can't for the life of me remember the name of what Doug suggested. I keep thinking the Great Discovery??? I know that isn't it. Google, here we come.

Did any of you happen to see Lonnie on TV the other night? She accepted an award on Muhammad's behalf and gave a great speech about volunterism. I did not see it but co-workers told me there was not a dry eye in the house as everyone watched Mr. A. Jennifer Hudson sand him a song. And Lonnie is so right, we all need to volunteer more. I am going to try to You-Tube it and see if I can see it. We were at the basketball game as usual.

Speaking of volunteers, tomorrow night is the Annual Project Graduation Basketball game when teachers play teachers to raise money. It's hilarious. Then Saturday is the dance I wrote about earlier--I hope many of you go. I plan to drink a Bloody Mary. I drink about once a year--so this is quite rebellious for me! Then, in March, the 27th I think, we are having a Brawley Family Fish Fry to help raise money for the same cause. Lots to do.

Ok, time to get clean sheets on our bed. Such a good feeling.


Jane (I love the name Jane so will be Jane today)


Mimi said...

Molly Elizabeth, always has the best rates for hotels. Believe me, I have tried them all! Don't limit yourself to just the Hyatt. Yes, it is nice (I have stayed there myself) but there are some AMAZING places to stay. Me and my girlies always try to stay somewhere new whenever we have one of our weekends in Chi-town.

For instance, Hotel 71 is a "boutique" hotel right on Wacker and South Water Street, 1/2 a block off Michigan that has the coolest rooms ever. The Westin River North is right across the street from the House of Blues AND Harry Caray's. (Harry Caray's has AWESOME sandwiches on their lunch menu!) Also, we (Shelly, Laurie, and I) loved the Hotel Monaco which is attached to a fantastic restaurant called the South Water Kitchen. At the North end of Michigan just a block to the east is the Hotel Knickerbocker. Totally cool rooms with great decor!

Also, if you want the best Bloody Mary (or in this case, Bloody Mike) on the planet, go to Ditka's. Fantastic! However, DO NOT stay at the Tremont Hotel that is attached to Ditka's. Gross, horrible, worst hotel the three of us have encountered on our excursions to the big city. Interestingly enough, the Cheesecake Factory has amazing drinks, too. And of course, they have a 30 page menu so there is something for everyone. However, they DO NOT have blueberry cheesecake! I haven't figured that one out yet. Don't believe me? Check out the menu next time you are in Chicago! :O}

As for food! I could go on and on. What are you hungry for? Italian: Coco Pazzo or Spiaggia
Mexican: Topalobampo!!! YUMMY
Sushi: Either Ra or Sushi Samba
American: Chicago Firehouse or Bin 36
Steak: Morton's or Gibson's

OK, I need to go to Chicago!

Molly Brawley said...

Oh Mimi--lest you forget who I am traveling with--Mr. "I am parking my car and not moving it until we go home"--thus, the desire to stay at a place we already know how to get to, and where to park. Last time, we had one of those fights in the car that would put all the Amazing Race couples' fights to SHAME. But who knows, if the Hyatt's rates don't go down, maybe we will venture out. (I use too by the way)

Thanks for the restaurant advice as well!


Ang said...

Can you send F-I-L to my house I don't think we have ever matched our socks. Let him know I will put him up in a room with a view and pool, if he is willing to clean our sock drawer!

Jane Brandstatter said...

Hi Molly,

As Pat and I are both K grads and student athletes we are really sorry to hear the K is out of mix for Andrew -- it's a great place that offers many extra advantages - not all adacemic. Zorbo, the head coach,is a great guy - he was the linebacker coach at DePauw when Andy was there - and being a K grad himself he really understands what the student athlete is experiencing.

Good luck to Andrew -- it sounds like he has choices -which is a good thing!