Saturday, January 31, 2009

Status quo


I have a few minutes before Andrew's game against Penn High School. We have to transport kids because we have cut some Saturday sports bus runs in Niles to save money. Josh has gone skiing so it is just Jim and me--well, Andrew too, or course.

Andrew was not too thrilled with Albion. The visit itself was very nice and I loved the school and even the players who gave us a tour, but Andrew did not feel "wanted" like he did from the other three schools. Today he and I went to Olive Garden (we left a VERY grumpy Jim at home who was on a psycho-mom cleaning frenzy--he was freaking out because he found a plate under the couch) Ok, I regress. Anyway, Andrew kept asking me where I wanted him to go so we chatted about the pros and cons about both North Park and Olivet and I think, for now, he is settled on Olivet. So K-College and Albion are out for sure. Olivet is winning the race as they say. But I still want that overnight to North Park just in case. (I really just want an excuse to go to Chicago again

I did not call the doctor obviously. I really had a somewhat pain free week but today I can feel that burning feeling again. Last night I stayed home and fell asleep with a slight fever. That scared me. I do see Dr. Messenger on February 12 so I will make him make me call the doctor if things are still bad.

Andrew was chosen for the area's Sports Fest sponsored by the South Bend Tribune. He will be playing on the Michigan Football All-Star Team. He is pleased with that. He hopes to get picked for baseball too.

We are experiencing major data issues at school with our new student information system. For the most part, everything is accurate on the latest rounds of report cards for first semester, but it has to be 100 percent accurate as we base class rank and gpa's on these reports. I think I spent almost 100 percent of my work time crunching numbers last week. And the little percent that I wasn't doing that was spent counseling squabbling girls. Monday we should be all set to print report cards finally.

Next week is Winter Homecoming. Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Bad Tie Day, Wednesday is Fake Tattoo Day, Thursday is Class Villain Day, and Friday is Spirit Day. This year's theme is Villains--the seniors are doing The Wicked Witch, which is very appropriate since they all went to Wicked. (The vocal music department has also chosen a song from that musical that the seniors will sing at graduation)

I made a bet with the seniors that if I didn't have to suspend any of them over the course of this senior year, I would give them all a pizza party. Guess what? I haven't suspended any of them yet! They are a really great class.

Ok, gotta run! Game time.



Cyndi Sloop said...

Hi Molly,

Glad to see your post. I was afraid I might have to write a MIA post. (lol) Hope you'll still post from time to time. It's good to know that there's life after all this cancer stuff.

Cyndi Sloop said...
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Cyndi Sloop said...

Hey Molly,

Let's try that again. . . I'm going with the tissue expander/implant. I'm not sure if the surgeon plans to partially expand it or not.

I'm suppose to go in at 7a.m. Wednesday morning, with surgery at 8a.m. I was told I would be spending the night.

Been trying to get things done around the house and find some button down the front shirts for afterwards. Not sure what I'll be sent home with or need to get to look normal if I'm out in public.

Scared! Hoping I will cope Ok with the afterwards. The comforting part is I will be cancer-free.

You talked about being worried that you're not worrying. Unfortunately, I understand that crazy-type thinking.

Anyway, those are the details. I'm glad things are going well for you!


Anonymous said...

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