Saturday, January 24, 2009


Good morning. I really should be cleaning this house. It looks like a tornado has blown through. Our ping pong table has become a catch all of course and laundry, baseball equipment, chem binders, socks, dog, food, you name it is on it. ARGGH.

Yesterday I decided to call Dr. Ansari on Tuesday. I was in terrible pain and when I got home from the mall with Andrew it felt like I was barely able to breathe. Today, the underlying pain is still there so the phone call is still on, but I do feel a little better. There is a part of me that is hoping (because it is less serious) that my implant is causing all this and that I also have a cold at the same time. I am tired of thinking about it right now so we will change subjects.

The trip to the mall for tonight's Winter Formal was quite enjoyable with my oldest son. We never argued once, which is unusual. Olive Garden, our tradition, was packed, so we headed over to Famous Dave's and had some savory ribs and funny conversations. Then we went to the mall and looked everywhere BUT JC Penney's for dress shirts and ties and couldn't find what he/I wanted. So we ended up at JC Penney and spent $190 for both boys. OUCH. (I rationalized that by thinking of the girls who probably spent that on a dress.) Andrew ended up with his normal light blue sweater, cream dress shirt and a really cool tie, and I got Joshie a cream/light blue argyle sweater with a striped shirt so no need for a tie for him. They are both color coordinated and no one argued about it!!!! Andrew is going with Kait of course, but Josh is hanging with a group of people. Andrew's group is going to Villa Macri's for dinner, while Josh's gang is taking it more casual and is going to Texas Road House. Winter Formal is way less fancy than prom, thank goodness. My next goal is to talk Jim into going for a little while to check everyone out. Some of my ninth grade girls who I have grown very fond of have asked me to come and take pictures so I think I need to go. I do love seeing them all.

Might sneak out to the girls game soon. They are playing very early today so they have time to get ready for formal.

Extra prayers for me if you don't mind. Love to you all.



Cyndi Sloop said...


Glad to hear that the pain is not so instense today and hope you will still stay on course to call the doctor and have it checked out. You will definetely stay in my prayers.

Glad to hear your trip to the mall went well. I tried to contact you last night, maybe we'll get a chance to talk over the weekend.

It's a beautiful sunny day in Indianapolis. Cold and bright.

Oh about the house cleaning, I've found that it always waits until you're ready to do it. LOL

Have a great day!

Bob Sloop said...

Molly, you know as a husband, and a person that cares...I am not going to even think about scolding you for not getting that call in sooner than this Tuesday, like maybe last week, nope not even going there. LOL

I will however by all means keep you in prayer, that you do get relief of pain and that the doctor gives you good information to ease your mind.

We have come to enjoy reading all your posts, and I too agree with Cyndi, the house can wait. It is not going anywhere. Time spent doing what you need to do is ... oops, here I go again, time to shut up. You get the gist. LOL

Take care, Always..Bob