Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year! I think, for the first time in my whole life, I moved into a new year alone! Isn't that weird? Jim left at 11:45 to pick up Josh from the slopes...oh well, I didn't even watch the ball drop either. Shade is here though, going nutso because someone let off some firecrackers nearby and it is freaking her out. Love my doggy.

So, a new year. As I type this, I am plagued with some really odd chest/muscle pains in my upper back and chest area. This is about day 5 of it. Have decided that if it still hurts next week I will call. Last night the pain was so bad I actually took something for it and some Xanax--that helped. But there is something going on for sure. Pray it is nothing serious, ok? I want a cancer-worry free year!

Andrew is going on a "visit" to Kalamazoo College January 16. He has spoken with the coach a few times and they seem to get along famously--we shall see. I say it has to be a LOT of financial aid to go there--Andrew is afraid he isn't smart enough but I say pfshhh to that...he would do wonderfully if he actually worked at it. My parents would flip if he went a good way. They've even driven around the campus to check things out. Ginger's mom used to be the admissions secretary at K-college for DECADES so we think it would be fitting if he went there.

Did I tell you that I have to go back to see Dr. M in February? He wants to look at the nipple again (which looks really really good by the way) and I have to do some sort of form filling out for my implant. I am in that 10 year study remember.

I am watching the Girls Next Door. What an exciting life I lead. Ok, now Jay Leno.

Since I am rambling, I will end here. Happy New Year to's to a better 2009 than ever imagined and peace for everyone!


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