Saturday, January 10, 2009

Same pain, different day.

Good afternoon on this snowy, snowy Saturday. We're getting ready to go to a family birthday party for Chase, Matt's son, who is two. I want to pull my hair out as Andrew is doing everything to avoid studying for his AP Psychology exam. He really has to do well on the exam to salvage a decent semester grade. I am just mad at him in general these days. The whole college search thing is occupying his mind--so much, he is forgetting he has to finish high school first. His MME scores waived him out of all of his final exams, but in AP he does have to take it...........Josh only has his Chemistry final and says he will Ace it. We shall see! : )

I am going to get this over with: my chest still hurts. The whole week of school I doctored with Advil and Pepcid AC --thought it helped some--even wanted to say to people "I think this is better!" but today that burning spot deep in my implant area is definitely there. It is so reminiscent of the burn the ACC tumor had-but also reminds me of pains I had years ago that we think we related to birth control pills. So I don't have to go on and on about this, I will say that when it's time to call the doctor, I will know it. I guess I am not there yet. Or am I just too scared to do it? You know, someone said heartburn is related to menopause? But this isn't just heartburn--and it seems to be too high up to be an ulcer. And I have no reason to have an ulcer. (HA!)

Andrew has his K-College visit Friday--I am going with him. The visit will last until 2:00 or so, and we are thinking about letting him skip basketball practice so we can head to Chicago Friday night for his North Park University visit on Saturday. I am googling hotels--we are thinking about staying by Navy Pier. North Park is way north of the city but easy to get to from Lakeshore Drive. We stayed the Hyatt once and it was very nice. I think as a family it will be good to get away and this visit is a good excuse.

The Olivet College coach also called. One of my best friends from high school is married to his brother so we sort of know him. We have not picked a visit date yet--the coaches are out of town this week so it will probably be later this month. Jim will go to that visit. We don't even know if parents are supposed to go to these things or not--I can always go to my mom and dad's during the K-College visit.

Jim made venison stew yesterday and we are planning on having it for dinner. I still struggling eating venison but will try it. He, as always, used no recipe, which means it will have some really strong flavors. I bought a spiral ham today to cook for tomorrow. Also bought stuff for ham and swiss sandwiches.

Must go to the party. Happy Birthday Chase!

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Cyndi Sloop said...

Gosh, sorry to hear that you're still dealing with pain in your chest. Pain can be so "wearing" on nerves, mind and body. Could it be something to do with surgery/implant? You have more patients than I do, I'd probably be driving doctors and family crazy if I was experiencing what you are.

Bob says he's really enjoying his new status. He has to remind me that he's a HOTY "everyday." LOL.

How was that venison stew? Haven't had venison in a few years now. The family use to look forward to deer season and the meat every year. (Nov. 15 was a big deal when I owned the farm.)

I saw Litchfield, MI on the news this morning. I guess they have 10.9 inches of snow. Hopefully your area didn't get hit as hard? (I know your west of there.)

Enjoy your Sunday!