Sunday, January 18, 2009

Decisions, decisions. Olivet tomorrow.

Hi Hi.

Home sweet home. Jim and I were the first up today at the hotel--I think the boys would have slept until tomorrow if we had let them. We got home before noon.

Andrew was very satisfied with his visit but now things get complicated. Luckily, his visit with Olivet is tomorrow so we will have at least three options to mull over before he makes any decisions. Jim is taking him to this visit, along with cousin Matt, who played basketball at Olivet. I filled out the FAFSA today--at least part of it--and although I know we won't get any aide, it is a requirement of the colleges he is looking at. Both North Park and Olivet have merit scholarships--many of which Andrew is qualified for--but none of them add up enough to make equal the cost of say going to Michigan State (which we still haven't heard from since the higher ACT score was sent it!) or Central for example. Matt Brawley is convinced he will get good money at Olivet; Matt said the football coach was surprised Andrew would even consider Olivet after looking at his films, but we know how that goes....When we left North Park the assistant head coach pulled Andrew aside and said "I will be recruiting you hard" so we will be talking soon. I told Josh and Jim he probably said that to everyone and Josh said no, he didn't, I listened to what he said to each quarterback and he only said that to Andrew. Gotta love Joshie. When we were waiting for visit to start yesterday, the offensive line coach who played five years in the NFL came up and walked quickly by Andrew, straight to Josh, and said "Finally! I have finally found my offensive lineman I have been looking for!" Those of you who know Josh know he is one scrawny string bean. He was wearing his glasses, playing with his I pod looking way more like Bill Gates than a football player.

We have decided Andrew will have to do an overnight at North Park to keep it on the list. The campus is not very pretty, but with all the snow, it was hard to see what it really looked like. It has 1800 students, which is about 800 more than Olivet. We have two former NHS students who go there so Andrew is trying to get in contact with them through Facebook. When we were driving around, we drove into a nearby neighborhood and it was definitely filled with many temples and synagogues that were just starting worship so we saw lots of beards, black coats and hats. What a different and interesting world it will be for Andrew if he goes there. The coach's wife also told us about all the ethnic festivals nearby.

Josh is skiing--Andrew and Jim are napping. Off to make pork chops for dinner.

Chest is still burning--but it comes and goes which I can't figure out!!!!



Bob Sloop said...

Wow, what a time you and your family are having. I think when all the stats are in, the right school is going to grab your son and run. LOL, I wish you luck in making such a decision, it is exciting just reading your post. It is like reading a book and wanting to know how the end turns out, but we cannot turn the pages here to see the results. Darn, hate that when that happens soooo let us know.

As for your pain, I pray this will subside, and also turn out to be a part of the healing process. Take care and have a great week, we are planning on one on our end.

Cyndi Sloop said...

It is exciting to hear about all the differences between the schools you all are visiting. Olivet would be fairly close to home? (Much smaller town than Kazoo or Chicago.)

I too am thinking about you and praying that your pain will subside and you'll start to feeling better. That pain stuff can wear you down. Enjoy your day!

xoxoxo ~Lori said...

Molly....I can't believe I'll be doing this in four doesn't seem possible!

On another note, I wanted to tell you that I joined the Think Pink Photography Network! You can read more about it by visiting my blog at If you would like a session, let me know!

Take care!