Saturday, January 17, 2009

College Visit Weekend

It is 6:19 AM and I am waiting for Jim to get home from getting gas and McDonald's for Andrew. We are headed to Chicago--North Park University-- for the night. I am glad to get away as it allows me to deny this burning issue in my chest. Last night, when I went to bed I thought it felt good when I layed down, but now it's there, feeling like a knawing little pain behind the implant.

Andrew's visit to K-College went very well, although I doubt he will end up there. It was a fantastic experience for him (and Jim and me) and I am glad we did it. I will update later on it as I don't have time now, but it was a fun day for all of us---I only wanted to kill Andrew once--when he asked ME to fill out an information form for him! Will this child ever make it without me? One of the best things about the day was that the baseball coach wants him to come for an overnight visit so Andrew feels like he is really interested. The admission counselor was very good too--she is brand new but was so genuine and sincere. But again, doubt he will end up there.

Josh is also going with us today. He spent the night at a friend's and stayed up all night so Josh and no sleep and Andrew grumpy in the morning is going to prove for an interesting drive to Chicago. The drive to Kalamazoo yesterday was harrowing to say the least. I was like a statute driving along 1-94. Luckily, Jim's boss let him off early so he got to go too. Yes, we had another snow day on Friday--that's 5 days off so far this year. I think we might have one more before we have to make them up. My prognosticator husband predicted seven.

Shade is visiting her favorite friend Al (Ginger and John's dog) for the night. I haven't said how much I appreciate my in-laws lately. They are the best!!! I miss Shade already. She is my blood pressure lowerer. : )

Again, I will update College Visit Weekend soon. Also, Andrew is headed to Olivet on Monday to meet with the football coach and yesterday got a hand written letter from the head Olivet baseball coach wanting him to come up. Thanks sooooooooooooooo much to Andrew's NHS baseball coach Mike for sending out what we are hearing is a wonderful letter about Andrew.

But to keep Andrew's ego in check, we lost to Lakeshore in basketball last night. What else is new>

Off to the Windy City. Weather,com says it is a whopping 11 degrees--with a -4 wind chill,

Love to all those with boobs, flat or not.



Angie said...

good luck and drive safe

Cyndi Sloop said...

Yes, have a safe trip and enjoy! Hope you plan to do some shopping and go somewhere interesting to eat while you're there. (To me, Chicago's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.) Take care all.