Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pathfinders Computer Repair--Niles

For those of you who live in Niles and ever have any computer problems, we have discovered a good place here that sure seems to know what they are doing. It is called Pathfinders and it's right on 11th street (out by Wendy's) and they have solved one very horrible problem for us (VIRUS!!!!) for $90 and then a simple problem that they didn't charge us. We are pretty good at using computers but not fixing them so we were very pleased to find them. I have no affiliations with them at all but when I find something I like, I think it is good to share the news!



Anonymous said...

Molly, glad to hear you called the Dr. Hope it will all be good news and you will get peace of mind. I am home recovering. Waiting for the day to say I am a breast cancer survivor! Hugs, Karen

April Meek said...

Molly- hope that you feel better soon! I am sending prayers your way!!


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