Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh lordy, pass the Kleenex.

If you are a dog lover, you have to see Marley and Me. Jim and I went last night and I sobbed. Jim was sitting next to me and I could feel his arm trembling up and down and when I looked at him we both started cracking up at our blubbering. It has a really sad part but the movie itself is a very happy story. I loved Jennifer Aniston as the mom, and Owen Wilson was fine, although his voice bugs me sometimes. But we loved it and talked about it all night. Not sure if Dan and Aida liked it as much as we did, but they don't have a dog so maybe that makes a difference.

Before the movie we took Josh and all the nephews (sans Talon of course) to Swiss Valley to snowboard. Quinn has gone once before but Jake and Zack were rookies so we stayed to watch their first run. We have had some icy weather conditions so the snow on the slopes was iffy at best. Jake and Quinn struggled their first run, but made it down relatively easy. Poor Zack somehow slid off to the side of the slope and ended up tumbling like a two ton tumbleweed just about the whole way down. Needless to say, when he finally reached the bottom he had sworn off snowboarding for life. But we made him stick it out--he rested for awhile in the lodge--got brave again and ended up liking it. I so hope they like it as Josh LOVES it and the more family into it, the better. I would love to take a family weekend trip to Boyne. Pam and I can drink in the lodge and send the guys out with the kids. Knowing Mimi, with her "I won't wear any more granny panties" New year's resolution, she would probably actually SKI. Not me, my implant would probably bust open. Or perhaps it would act as an airbag? Forgive me, I digress. : )

Today I got my haircut and came home and had to take a nap. I am never going to be able to get up once school starts on Monday. Andrew has a game tonight (we are going to get creamed I am afraid) so we are headed there at 6:00 with Jim's parents. Josh and I went to Wings for lunch and now my chest/lung issues are even worse because of heartburn. I am wondering if my chest aches are from the implant? It seems almost like a deep deep muscle pull--the thought that cancer has embedded itself in my chest wall scares me, as the feeling is very similar to the overall pain I had with the lump--but then again, I realize my implant is under one of the chest muscles so maybe it is just stretching. By the way, for my long time readers, I still get that liver/gall bladder pain every once in awhile. Just another Molly Obsession.

A fellow teacher passed away this weekend from her battle with cancer. Shelly Wilder taught at our early elementary child center and was loved, loved, loved. She fought one hell of a fight based on what I knew. Say a prayer for her family. They knew this was coming but it has to hurt like crazy. I am sure Shelly is in a better place.

I hate to say this but I really want another dog. Wouldn't Shady love a new playmate? We could get a yellow lab like Marley (well, better behaved) and we could call her Sunny. You know, if I begged I could get one from my husband. I should strike now while Jim is feeling sentimental about the movie. I love dogs that is all there is to it.

Ah well, I should probably put on some sort if makeup and comb my hair. My day of laying on the couch watching The Real Housewives marathons is over. (as opposed to Jim, who got up at 7 to go hit baseballs with Andrew, then had basketball practice with his 7th graders, then went to help Zech process his venison and now is ready for the game)

Vacation is over. UGH.

Peace out,
yours in boobdom,
Pasta Linguine,



Cyndi Sloop said...

Glad to hear Marley & Me is a good movie. My love of dogs has made me want to see it. It's funny that you say you want another dog, I've been throwing that idea around also.

Do you think the worry, panic and questions about aches and pains and twitches in our bodies will ever subside? I don't want to make light of anything, I've just noticed in your posts and in other people's posts after a cancer diagnosis there's always a worry about the above. Even I've begun to worry and panic about every little thing happening with my body. I just feel so out of control.

I'm sorry to hear about the teacher that has passed and will keep her family in prayer.

Ah yes Monday, I know you can do it, you'll get up and be there on time. Take care and we'll catcha later.

Anonymous said...

Karen says "Ditto" on the above!

coffee buzz said...

Marley and Me is money to a great extent because Jennifer Aniston is money; Owen Wilson is... not so much

Angie said...

my mom called me with the news about Shelley last week. Such a wonderful person, heaven is a little brighter today to have her at their roll call.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I saw Marley and Me and loved it!!! And as a result - love our dog just a little bit more ;)

Stephanie said...

Hello sister,
I love the new pictures!!! looks like a great time. how is the chest pain??? I have been praying for ya. I got my implants in.... I hate the look of the NON cancer side. You would think that side would look good. Oh well, done with the part of my Journey. And is just a boob, right????? take care xxxxxx