Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ah, Spring Break!

Happy Spring Break. I love vacations when I am not thinking about cancer. And, I am NOT thinking about cancer. So there.

I officially switched over to my happy Vera spring purse. I love the print but am not too sure of the style. Way small for me. But I had so much crap in my other one perhaps this will be good for me.

Cold today. Andrew and Jim just went off to practice so it's just Joshie and me hanging out until they get home. We are then going to take a drive down to Goshen to try to catch the second game of Goshen's double header vs. Spring Arbor. It will give Andrew a chance to see the college, see the team, and give US a chance to get out of the house. I just want to go somewhere, even if it is just Goshen, IN.

How 'bout that forecast? SNOW. I remember having a snow day at Western back in the college days on April 4. We lost all the electricity in the dorms. It was a one day crazy snowstorm. If the snow comes Monday and Tuesday like it is suppose to, I would assume Andrew's baseball game on Tuesday will be cancelled. He leaves for Florida Tuesday night with his buddies and Lonnie. How jealous can I be???? But I do have so much to do this week, plus their weather looks a bit cool for me. But still, there are a bunch of fun families down there that I would laugh with. Ah well, we can't afford it anyway.

Took Andrew to get measured for his tux today. He had no interest whatsoever to even be there. But that is off my Spring Break list so good for us. JIm and I made a spring break list and so far, we've crossed off the tux. I want to put things on there like "get up" just so I feel like I have accomplished something. Getting the patio furniture out is one thing but with snow coming, maybe we need to postpone that.

Josh was chosen as Sports Editor for the high school paper next year. And to think he threw the biggest fit about me "making" him take this class. It is now going to be his career choice and he's an awesome writer so I do sometimes know what I am talking about.

I am finishing a Lisa Gardner book right now and just purchased a new (paperback) Harlen Coben so I can't wait to start that. And no, I still have not finished Pillars of the Earth.

TTFN--happy spring, despite dumb temps!


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