Saturday, November 7, 2009

I don't believe them any more.

I am deliberating in my mind if I should no longer belong to some of the informational list servs that keep me in contact with ACC survivors. Today, another ACC breast cancer sister informed us that she has numerous lung mets. I do not know her whole story, but this is such disturbing news. My doctors paint such a great picture--as did her doctors--when in reality, this crappy cancer shows no mercy--including time.

It just sucks.

But, I am not going to die today from this disease, so what choice do I have but to just keep on keeping on.



wowmommo said...

Are u saying u don't believe the docs or the support group stuff? Not sure what u mean here. Are you doing okay? I know the fear can get to me..sometimes it seems overwhelming. Hugs, Karen

Molly Brawley said...

Karen--I am fine, just a bit depressed about what others have to go through. When I said I don't believe them, I meant the doctors who say this cancer has such a great prognosis, etc. I think that means it has a great 5 year prognosis, but down the road, it is pretty bleak. Too many sisters are coming back to the support sites saying they have mets--and it just depressed me.

But today, I am fine. And I realize that all of us have no guarantees so I need to quit being a baby about it!

Thanks for your concern--I know you understand.


Kathy said...

Hi Molly,

Looks like I found your blog too! I left you a response on my blog to your comment. Don't get discouraged. Compared to other cancers, which I now appreciate more than ever, ACC is not as bad as it could be. The key is to keep your spirits up and not think about cancer coming back! Even with my new leukemia diagnosis, I plan to live my life just like anyone who plans to live a long life. We do the best we can do and worrying as little as possible will only help your overall health.

Please send me an email about the others you have found with mets, especially those that are not on the Rare Cancer site. I appreciate it.

Thanks Molly. Livestrong!

Lorlives said...

Molly I can appreciate your perspective. Sometimes information can be overwhelming and discouraging all at the same time. For me knowledge is power. I really don't care what the information is. Rather I care to receive it so that I may have a direction in which to go. I am on the RCA site. You can find me there. I'm in your same group but with mets to the lung.

My prayers are with you.
Take care,

Cheryl said...

Thanks for being here. I am a new accb sister from the future in 2017