Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer and the livin' is easy.

For once in my life, I am sitting here with not much to say.

It is hot and humid in my house. The dog is asleep. Jim and Josh are on a DQ run and have learned that they are closed because of the death of the owner. So now they are heading to Indiana. Andrew and Kait are watching some old basketball game on TV. And here I am.

Mike I.! Carla B wanted to say hello! She has retired this year, along with Leon and Ken and Greg B. Not sure if you know all that but there are very few of us left--even though you haven't been gone all that long, it seems like its been years since the days of the lounge and laughing 'til we cried with Pyles, Carol T., etc. Good ol' days.

Andrew and Josh had a game tonight cancelled by the rain. Andrew is exhausted as he is trying to "train" for basketball, baseball, and football. He is very undecided about basketball and football for next year--mainly because he's just plain tired. With the increased emphasis on winning, it is very difficult to be a three sport athlete. There is no way in the world the kid could actually work a job....and he probably should since he is just a bit spoiled...but I think he would cry from exhaustion. We keep telling him to suck it up, he's only young once, but he continues to whine about it. We will see what he does...I don't really care, but it should would seem wierd not watching him on Friday nights.

We did celebrate the news yesterday that Andrew qualified for the Michigan Promise $4000 scholarship based on his state test scores. Now, mind you, we have kids do the same thing each year so it isn't all that hard, but HE is thrilled because he doesn't have to take any final exams next year. So that is nice.

Did I tell you poor Joshie got two "minuses" on his all A report card? Yup, 6 A's and two A-'s. Josh is such an easy student--I never have to even ask or review anything with him. Andrew had a great year for that too--but in the past, I was always looking over his shoulder making sure things were getting done. I am trying not to be the helicopter parent that I see so often and so far, they are doing quite well. I do still worry about the driving thing but at least his truck is big. : ) Josh does not drive much at all which is a really big mistake as he is scheduled to get his license in late summer.

Ah, the boys are back. Peanut Butter Cup bizzard here I come.


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