Monday, June 16, 2008


Wow, what a perfect day, weather wise. Unfortunately, I have had an upset stomach. I hate the feeling. Not sure if it is something I ate, or what.

Yesterday was my first day off that I didn't go to wrok. I did check my email and will try to stop by tomorrow. I have to drive to Adrian, Mi tomorrow to pick up Andrew to get him back to Lakeshore for a 5:30 baseball game. He is at basketball camp and Jim and I took him Sunday evening--got back at 1:00 in the a.m. Nothing like a lot of gas and time for a few games of basketball!

I made dinner tonight--I am trying Paula Dean's Chicken Georgia, which is just shallots, mushrooms, butter and mozzarella cheese over chicken. It smells amazing but mystomach isn't up to it. I also made long grain rice but haven't made the green beans yet--Jim is at practice and who knows when he will be home. And of course Josh won't eat anything much so it's just me looking at my wonderful plating of this great smelling dish.

If you read my comments, you see one from Teresa Hartman. I met her on line and she had ACC in her cheek and is a research librarian in the UK...she is wonderful and shows us the power of the internet.

I have had a few blue days about this cancer thing. While I used to obsess, now I am just fearful...waiting for that terrible symptom to show up. I do have to have a colonoscopy--not afraid of that for some reason--and I am also going back to see Dr. Nancy next week.

TTFN. Don't forget about me...!

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