Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am trying to keep up on blogging. It is my favorite thing to do but where is the time???

We are in the process of upgrading all our cell phones this week. Not an expense we can afford but my cell was missing, Josh's got wet in a hot tub, and Andrew's is older than the hills. Only my Nimmy declined a new one. Funnyhow simple things are fun. I have taken lots of pix using the camera--what I will do with them is another story.

Debbie F is getting her tissue expander placed in a few weeks. Wish her luck. It is nice having that behind me. On an interesting note, I think I have an air bubble in my implant. It feels like the size of a pea, but it is definitely there. I will have to ask Dr. Woody about it when I have pizza pocket sliced off.

We are in a quandary about going to the UP (fishing) this year. Baseball is causing the dilemma. Andrew has a big tournament before and during and after we are there, so we are trying to pick some days when he will miss the least games. Normally, I am ready to get the heck up there, but with summer, it's pretty relaxing HERE, so I don't really care when we go. I am leaving it up to Jim but have told him we are NOT going without Andrew. No way. Andrew really wants to go even though he says it is no big deal to stay home without us. HA!

Reading some Lisa Jackson murder novels these days. Goal is to get Pillars of the Earth done--but I am liking the trashy scary stuff these days.

Isn't the weather great? It could be a tad warmer I think but sleeping is great!

summer summer summer....


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