Sunday, October 12, 2008

220 kids headed to Wicked!

What a wonderful weekend...could it be any prettier out? How great it is to see the leaves changing but also have 80 degree temps!

I have a doctor's appointment this week with my plastic surgeon. Not sure what he will be doing since it is just a 15 minute appointment--I think. I know we have to darken the areola again, and then talk about actually sewing the nipple part. Probably another wasted drive, but as Ginger says, it's a lunch out! : )

The Vikes won Friday night so that was a great start to this weekend. The mood is always so much brighter when we win. We always eat breakfast with Danny and Aida and our kids on Sundays during football season--the nice thing about it is by Sunday, everyone is looking forward to the next game. We have the Lakeshore Lancers coming to town next week. Andrew played baseball with about 5 starters on their team, including their quarterback, so it will be fun to see them again. They are a fabulous football team so we will have to be perfect to beat them. Stranger things have happened that is for sure!

The other fantastic news this weekend was the surprise we got to tell the senior class on Friday. Lonnie Ali has always wanted to do something special for Asaad's class since he was a freshman here and we have finally put something together. She wanted it to be something cultural and memorable for every child, regardless of means. So, she and Muhammad will be sending the entire senior class to Chicago by charter bus to see the Broadway play Wicked. We will first eat lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe--Chicago and then head to the play. All expenses paid by the Ali's.

You can imagine the reaction we got when we told the seniors on Friday. The best part for me was seeing every child, from every walk of life, excited about it. We are going December 3, and thanks to Signal Travel in Niles, we (NHS) don't have to worry about all the arrangements, as they agreed to take care of it for free. Of course, we still have a lot of logistics to do, permission slips, bus assignments, preparing the kids to dress appropriately, etc. but that is all fun stuff. Can you tell I am excited too? Just another reason I love Lonnie and Muhammad.

I spent all afternoon paying bills. Not fun, but a good feeling when we actually have money left over! We ate a LOT this weekend and it wasn't cheap.

Andrew's senior pix are done...I should be able to pick them up this week. I plan to scan some so you all can see.

Much love to you all--please don't forget this is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Wear pink and BE HAPPY!



Debbie said...

I enjoyed your blog today. Glad to see that you are in good spirits and that things are going well. I was beginning to wonder how things were going, because there were no entries.
I still have to get Cody's senior pictures done. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
Cody is looking forward to the Chicago trip. The Alis are very generous people. I should find out today what my surgery date is for my implant installation. Looking forward to closing this chapter. I know you can relate.

Have a great week. Go Vikes beat Lakeshore!

MadCityMike said...

What a generous gift to the senior class....and the lucky chaperon's, too! Have fun!

Stephanie said...

Hi Molly, I sure wish I had your "peace". Seems like all is going well for you. I go for surgery in two weeks, and then back to my pump ups. I cannot wait, I feel so un womenley. How long did you wait to heal before you starting getting the pump ups? I want to take it very slow this time, so I do not split all open again. The lst time I started getting pumped up two weeks after my masectomy. I was just wondering if that was to soon. How is the tattooing looking?? I wished we lived close so I could see, but.... I will take your word for it! I am ready for the exanders, but I just pray all goes well this time. I cannot handle that again. Money wise or emotionally. Now I am trying not to stress about the implants. My doctore likes to use silicone, but I am not to sure about that. Saline seems safer. I am still trying to get into the rare cancer site. Maybe I will find some advice on there. I emailed Sharon again. My username and password are not working. Keep up the positive spirit. You are my inspiration. xxxx

kristina said...


Your son looks so handsome in his senior picture. You must be so proud. You sound good and happy, that is good to hear. Things are going well here too busy as always running around after three kids. My daughter's chorus is going to see Wicked Wednesday. I am so excited for her. I have seen it and it is such an awesome production. That is so nice of the Ali's. I loved his daughter, Laila, when she was on Dancing With the Stars. She has such excellent energy.

Just a note about the implants, for Stephanie. I have silicone and I love them. They feel very real and my plastics guy felt very confortable with them and said that they have never stopped using them in Europe. They never had any hard proof evidence that they caused any problems. He has had problems with the saline not looking or feeling real since they are more liquidy and tend to shift around in the bag more.

Much love,
Think Pink,


Betty said...

Mol, Haven't commented on your blog in some time, but am still reading. Did you get my Pretty Lady e-mail? I am again saving Yoplait Yogurt lids for their "Save Lids, Save Lives" breast cancer research drive during Breast Cancer Month. Hope other yogurt lovers are saving too.
OH MY, OH MY! What a handsome young man Andrew's become! Can't believe he's that dirty faced little guy carrying a baseball glove that I met several years ago.
I so jealous---going to Wicked! I haven't made it there yet. (wish I was still "princess")
Glad to hear things are going well for you. Do you and Ginger ever visit Suite 200? Life is good here too. All grandkids have visited recently, and hubby and I are off to China in Nov. Back for family Thansgiving here.
Much love, Liz Mo

Go Vikes! Show up Lakeshore!