Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome Cyndi

I really have so much to do but must blog about Cyndi, who you can see posted a comment on my last post. She too is a newbie to ACC/breast. Can you believe it? I would say almost 10 people have been diagnosed during the duration of my journey. And that is all that I KNOW about. Wonder if they will ever not call it rare?

Cyndi, there are at least two other ACC'rs who read this blog. Stephanie, who was diagnosed about 6 months ago (right Steph?) and Kristina, who was my angel, who is about three years out now? Feel free to ask any question as Kristina had the lumpectomy, I had the mastectomy, and Stephanie had a bilateral. So we've got you covered in the procedure department. It is always interesting to see what others' doctors do as well.

My news for the day is I met with my PS, Dr. Messinger. My nipple really looks about perfect--still a few stitches here and there but they are disappearing daily. Both the doc and I wish the left breast was a perky as the right but it isn't too be. Luckily, all looks fine in a bra.

Also, Andrew's ACT score went up and puts him the range of what MSU wants. Doesn't mean he'll get in for sure as they compare him to all applicants, but at least he improved. He was happy it went up--still wants to take it again believe it or not--but doesn't seem to interested in MSU anymore. He has to meet with the Kalamazoo College coach soon--that could prove very interesting.

More later.



Cyndi Sloop said...

Thanks Molly for the dedicated post and for the comments on mine. I emailed, I believe your work email I had found on a forum last night. I have been trying to read your earlier posts and work towards the newest ones. I don't know what wording to use when I try to convey that I wish you and anyone else that's facing a life-altering experience did not have to go through it and at the same time, I'm thankful to read about and know others that are facing some of the same challenges. I look forward to speaking with you and thanks for sharing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I've read your entire blog. Just wanted you to know there are more than a couple Accr's who follow your journey!

Anonymous said...


I am so saddened by the constant additions to our suppossed little rare cancer type. I was thinking of you the other night because I hadnt thought about cancer for well over a month okay maybe three weeks and then my incision site started aching and had sharp shooting pains right a the center of the incision site were the tumor originally grew. Of course my mind started going like crazy, it is growing back except now it is going to be in my lung or on my ribs. Ugh, I hate this disease and the way it has changed my life. All my scans have been good I have mammo's every six months and yearly MRI. I just had an MRI of the back and neck because of some weakness and pain but it came back all good and the symptoms turned out to be muscular and resolved with rest and massage. But, this whole way of living and worrying is awful sometimes and then I do have days where I totally forget. So I guess it is just trying to find the balance. Anyway, my prayers go out to those newly diagnosed and I am coming up on my second year anniversary fo diagnosis on the 19th of January and doing well. So there is hope!

Love to all,
Best wishes for the New Year,
Keep on blogging Molly you dont know how much I rely on this blog,