Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One organ is clear.

This is going to be a short post but I want to say that:

I have no signs of cancer in my cervix. How's that for putting it out there??? With all the cancer talk and worries, I am doing a happy dance at that good news. All you cancer worriers understand the small victories. And no, I wasn't worried but getting the all clear is a reason to celebrate.

And my goodness, I hate to benefit from Pam and Johnny's cancer fight right now, but this clicking business is making me a profit as well. I think I made over $12 today alone. I can't imagine Pam's profits, as she had people checking in from, and I mean this literally, ALL OVER THE WORLD. Just what those advertisers want too.

Jim's doctor's appointment is tomorrow. I accidentally scared Andrew about it...it's a long story...but I felt during a particular conversation we were having that he needed to know about Jim's lump in his side. Andrew got extremely upset...which he never does....but I felt I needed to tell him for many different reasons. He is ok now and I don't regret telling him as he is a bit self-centered these days-- but he took it much harder than I intended. I spent a half hour back peddling and trying to tell him it is most likely nothing. Sigh.

Headed to bed to read for awhile and then wonderful sleep.

Thanks for clicking and visiting. Mucho adore'.



Toad's Wife said...


I'm glad you mentioned it to Andrew. I actually mentioned the C word to the boys before Johnny's colonoscopy, just in passing. I'm glad I did because at least it wasn't completely unmentioned when the diagnosis was made.

Not that I'm worried about Jimmy (well, maybe a little) but . . .

By the way, I am typing this at work because I got called in at 11:30 p.m. Sucks! Pt is OK, so that is what matters.

I clicked some more since I was here! :)

Anonymous said...

what ads to click on? you and Pam both mentioned it but I am a blog idiot???

Molly Brawley said...

Stratton--next to our posts there should be, on the right hand side of the screen, a bunch of grey titles of various things. You should be able to click on them.

And no, you are not an idiot! Perhaps challenged, but not an idiot. : ) Good to hear from you!