Saturday, August 1, 2009

An experiment

I am going to do a little experiment today to see if the ads pick up strange words and then decide what ads to put on our sites. I am sore of tired of "lung cancer diagnosis?"

I will try to be as random as possible:

pottery collecting
Lake Michigan
Young Americans
fois gras
Michigan State
Babe Ruth
painting your bedroom
Wonder Hangers (I did buy some of these yesterday)
Crayola Markers

Let's see what that brings. Hee hee.


1 comment:

Toad's Wife said...

Molly Elizabeth,

Try having only one post at a time show up. Go to Settings then Formatting the set the Posts at just one on the main page. Maybe that will change the ads. Or try to customize the ads on the AdSense page.

I haven't tried to do those things yet, but it may work.

When I posted about Johnny's tattoo and the sailfish on it being from the Keys, I had tons of ads about tattoos and charter fishing in the Keys. One of the pictures was from the marina where Burdine's restaurant is . . . we ate there with you guys. It was at a Marina and you had to go upstairs to eat. It was all outdoors and the guy played the "Butter Bean" song. Do you remember that place?